Brian Pillman Jr
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Brian Pillman Jr was spotted at the WWE Performance Center recently, but seemed like the company was not taking any action. Now, things have changed.

Big Brian Pillman Jr Joining WWE Update

AEW brought in a bunch of names when they started, which allowed some wrestlers to be featured on TV. One of those acts was the Varsity Blondes. It consisted of Brian Pillman Jr teaming with Griff Garrison while Julia Hart served as the valet.

For a while, they were only seen on Dark or Elevation. Then, they started to get a push and even saw themselves in the title picture.

Enter the House Of Black, which caused the group to split. Hart turned heel and would actually join the stable. After this, Pillman and Garrison appeared less on TV.

Earlier in the week, there were several names spotted at the WWE Performance Center. One of them was Pillman and there might be more to the story. reports that WWE has a deal in place for Pillman.

Brian Pillman Jr
Source: @_PWChronicle, Twitter, Screenshot

“In an update to the situation surrounding Brian Pillman Jr. and his WWE status, sources have told me that a deal is in place,” the report noted. Or, he is in the process of being finalized before it can officially be signed.” 

“Sources have also indicated that Brian Pillman Jr. will be moving to Orlando, Florida by the end of August. He will report to NXT and begin training at the WWE Performance Center full-time.”

For those unaware, he is the son of Brian Pillman Senior. He was a talented wrestler in the ring and especially on the mic. After working in Canada, he would eventually join all the top promotions like WCW, ECW and WWE. Sadly, he passed in 1997 at only 35 years old because of undetected heart disease.

Brian Pillman Jr
Source: @WRESTLEZONEcom, Twitter, Screenshot

So, will Brian Pillman Jr became a big star like many believe?