Is WWE Signing Brian Pillman Jr
source: @ManuelSaldias2, twitter, screenshot

Earlier this week, we covered this talent’s new free agent status…but is WWE signing Brian Pillman Jr. ?

No, this is not a case of connecting any big name free agent to WWE.

In this case especially, it turns out there is definitely something to it. Probably.

Unless there isn’t.

But there seems to be.

Check this out…

Is WWE Signing Brian Pillman Jr. ?

Is WWE Signing Brian Pillman Jr
source: @_pwchronicle, twitter, screenshot

This is a big question.

Resetting things in case you missed the news…

Pillman is now a former AEW star. His contract recently expired, and AEW removed his profile from their web page.

Sure seems like someone is not in the company’s future plans.

But, as reported all over, the now free agent, and second generation talent, was seen in Florida this week.

No big deal, right? Maybe he just wanted to ride Space Mountain!

Except, no.

Per Fightful, Brian Pillman was indeed working out at the WWE Performance Center on July 13.

They further revealed that he has not yet been signed by the Stamford-based company.

However, as you’d likely guess by the PC workout, the company is interested.

As the report went, WWE executives were said to be very intrigued when learning that Pillman was a free agent.

For now, this seems to be both sides getting acquainted before a deal may eventually be struck.

Obviously, he would be just the latest in multi-generational talents on television.

And, we know from experience that this is often a good thing.

If Pillman is working out at the Performance Center, I have to think that Triple H, Shawn Michaels and Nick Khan are on board.

Is WWE Signing Brian Pillman Jr
source: @ManuelSaldias2, twitter, screenshot

Seeing the son of Flyin’ Brian arrive in NXT in the near future could be pretty awesome.

One knock I have against NXT 2.0 is the way we’ve met so many of the “new” talents.

I miss the days of TakeOvers past, where you’d pan the crowd and see some hot new signing…or watch as some hot indy signing came through the crowd and announced their arrivals.

Stay tuned on this one.