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According to a report, WWE Hall of Famer Rick Steiner will not be used for a very long while due to an uproar he caused during a WrestleMania 39 weekend event this year. More on this story, below.

WWE Won’t Be Using Rick Steiner For “Quite Sometime”

As per Fightful Select, Rick Steiner “eliminated” any chance that the company will be using him for events anytime soon. In addition, it notes that his son Bron Breakker has not received any heat due to his father’s action.

Steiner created an uproar against Impact wrestling talent Gisele Shaw during WrestleCon, which took place over WrestleMania 39 weekend festivities. The transgender woman who competes within the company’s Knockouts division shared what happened via social media.

As seen from the tweet above, Shaw was walking towards a table to sign autographs when Steiner began yelling comments like, “you’re a dude”, “you’re a man”, “you’re a piece of trash”, “you’re filth”, and get “the f*ck” away from here.

WWE Hall
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When Giselle looked up at the person saying these things, it was Rick Steiner. The talent was shocked and couldn’t believe what was happening.

Shaw was completely caught off guard about the situation, and said, “excuse me?” to Steiner. However, he kept repeating the phrases and began yelling at Giselle, again.

Rick has since been barred from returning to Wrestlecon. Looks like the incident has also stopped any chances of Steiner appearing with his son, current WWE star, Bron Breakker.

WWE Hall
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The former two-time NXT Champion has commented on the incident, noting his dad’s actions are not a reflection of who he is. The good news is that it doesn’t look like this will affect Breakker’s current momentum with the company.

Rick, along with his brother Scott, were inducted into the Hall of Fame in 2022. He has been known to appear with his son Bron, here and there, on WWE TV, but it doesn’t look like this will be happening anytime in the near future.