Rick Steiner In Trouble, Guerrero Family Drama Unfolding

rick steiner in trouble
Credit: @giseleshaw08, twitter, screenshot

On another weekend, this could have been much bigger news, but Rick Steiner is in trouble for what happened during WrestleCon. Plus, there is some sad Guerrero family drama unfolding via social media.

Rick Steiner In Trouble

WrestleMania weekend is big, and not just for WWE. At the adjacent WrestleCon event, Rick Steiner got himself in some trouble…and he is not backing down.

WrestleCon is, as the name implies, a wrestling convention. It is held in the same area and time as WrestleMania, but has no WWE affiliation.

Plenty of fans flock to it as a chance to get to meet legends-like Rick Steiner.

This past weekend, however, things weren’t so pleasant.

Gisele Shaw was one of the wrestlers appearing at WrestleCon, but she had a negative interaction with another guest.

rick steiner in trouble

source: @giseleshaw08, twitter, screenshot

Shaw posted her account via her social media:

What she is sharing is an account of Rick Steiner being intolerant toward Shaw-who is a transgender woman.

Shaw discussed this with WrestleCon, and as a result, Rick Steiner was not in attendance the rest of the weekend.

Per eWrestling News, Rick is apparently refusing to apologize for his comments. This will be interesting to monitor, given the attention trans rights efforts are receiving nationwide at the moment.

Plus, the fact that Steiner is an elected school board official in Georgia…his comments may not go over so well.

Not everyone will like us, but every one of us has a right to exist. From everything that’s been noted about the events from WrestleCon, this was an unprovoked and uncalled for incident.

Guerrero Family Drama Unfolding

In another bit of down news, a sad Guerrero family drama is unfolding before our eyes.

No, this isn’t the notion that Dominik Mysterio is Eddie’s son. That would be too easy.

Instead, this involves Sherilynn Guerrero, the youngest daughter of Vickie and the late Eddie Guerrero.

And, it involves Vickie’s new husband, Sherilynn’s step-father.

Sherilynn posted a heart-breaking video on social media, detailing what she experienced.

In the video, she claims that on a family cruise, right before COVID, she was sexually assaulted-by the step-father.

And, what’s worse, her mother and sister sided with the step-father. She notes that she has no contact with Vickie, nor former NXT talent Shaul.

rick steiner in trouble

source: @thecovalenttv, twitter, screenshot

While it appeared that Vickie was at WrestleMania, she had posted about going on a lengthy vacation immediately after.

She did just manage to provide her own response…and it isn’t good:

While Sherilynn seems to not have support from her mother or sister at the moment, she does have support from another Guerrero.

Hopefully this has a happy ending for the Guerrero family.

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