Is Injured AEW Star Making Big Return
source: @PomiWrestling, twitter, screenshot

He has not been seen in basically a year…so is injured AEW star making big return?

And, could it be soon?

The injured AEW star in question is Santana.

Primarily known as a tag team specialist, he’s been on the sidelines for the last. year due to a knee injury.

While out with the injury, AEW has continued to keep him on the payroll, which means we don’t quite know what his contract status is.

Is Injured AEW Star Making Big Return?
source: @PomiWrestling, twitter, screenshot

Had he not gotten injured, it is understood that Santana’s contract would have run out already.

But, he did, and it seems that Tony Khan is likely to have tacked on time to the end of it.

And, that has us asking…

Is Injured AEW Star Making Big Return?

Well, to be fair, it’s that and yet another video teaser from the former tag team champion.

Wrestling, Inc. covered the two teaser videos and what they might mean for Santana making a big return.

You can check out the hype video here:

What remains to be seen…is would Santana come back on Dynamite or Collision…or could he possibly just bounce onto Ring of Honor?

One thing that we seem to have more of a handle on? It does seem quite unlikely that we will see a reunion for Santana and his former tag partner, Ortiz.

The pair had a bit of a falling out, and coupled with Santana’s injury time, they’ve gone their separate ways.

But, whether he carves his own way in the singles ranks, or he picks himself up a new tag team partner, fans have to be excited for getting Santana back.

Is Injured AEW Star Making Big Return?
source: @WONF4W, twitter, screenshot

His contract status will be one to watch. I have a feeling that AEW wouldn’t be having him do big teaser videos if he wasn’t going to be sticking around…but we shall see.