Tony Khan Keen To Re-sign top talent
source: @coolerwrestling, twitter, screenshot

This won’t be a surprise to anyone, but you know Tony Khan keen to re-sign top talent.

As in, a few specific and vital stars who have contracts expiring in 2023.

Being keen to re-sign top talent is simply good for business.

A couple years ago, WWE was not so attractive as a landing spot.

AEW routinely attracted free agents from the Stamford company, as well as loads of indie talents that Vince wouldn’t have known what to do with.

Now? A lot has changed.

Tony Khan Keen To Re-sign top talent
source: @coolerwrestling, twitter, screenshot

Triple H and Nick Khan are working their magic and putting a better product out over the past year, for the most part.

With the sale of WWE all but done, the competitor to AEW certainly might have funds to go after some top talent.

Probably why…

Tony Khan Keen To Re-Sign Top Talent

And those talents? Specifically in this example, it would be a trio of AEW executive vice presidents.

Kenny Omega and The Young Bucks all have contracts expiring at some point in 2023. Per the Wrestling Observer, Khan doesn’t want to lose them.

While there is a link to WWE in Cody Rhodes, and there’ve been rumblings that Omega might want to see what WWE interest feels like once again…Tony Khan does not want that to happen.

Hence why he would be keen to re-sign these top talents.

Omega and the Jacksons represent some of the very first wrestlers that Tony Khan and AEW brought in-which is why they are all EVPs.

They’ve largely been vital in the formative years of the company…but The Elite have not existed without controversy in AEW, either.

Tony Khan Keen To Re-sign Top Talent
source: @Mattjacksonooc, twitter, screenshot

While WWE might love to sign any or all of them, Tony Khan is justifiably keen to re-sign all three top talents-keeping his company strong and keeping them away from the competition.

But, if anything goes sour between them and their current boss, you better believe Triple H will be ready to pursue.