FTR Trust Tony Khan Over Triple H, NXT Wrester A Big Star

When it came to re-signing with AEW, a big factor was that FTR trust Tony Khan over Triple H. And, a surprising NXT wrestler is seen as a future star.

FTR Trust Tony Khan Over Triple H
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When it came to re-signing with AEW, a big factor was that FTR trust Tony Khan over Triple H. And, a surprising NXT wrestler is seen as a future star.

FTR Trust Tony Khan Over Triple H

For what felt like a year, FTR (then known as the The Revival), requested their WWE release. Often, they were met with a simple no.

Then, WWE finally allowed both to leave. In quick fashion and to the surprise of nobody, they signed with AEW. 

Since then, Dax Harwood and Cash Wheeler have seen great success in AEW’s tag team division. They have traveled the world, where they captured a bunch of different titles.

Their AEW contracts were up this year and many wondered if Triple H could allure the team back to WWE. In the end, the duo re-signed with AEW.

While on the FTR with Dax podcast, which will be the final episode, Harwood discussed their decision. Basically, FTR trust in Tony Khan over Triple played a major role.

“Winning the belts, obviously, we kind of foreshadowed that we were gonna stay with AEW,” said Harwood. “I’ve said it a million times on the podcast.” 

“There are so many different things we had to weigh out what was going to work for both of us, and ultimately the schedule probably was the biggest thing. But also, I feel that — and this is no slight, I’m not throwing any kind of shade anywhere — but I feel that for the next four years we can trust Tony Khan more with our career and our legacy than we could over there.”

Harwood continued how Khan “gets” them better than Vince McMahon or and even Triple H “to an extent.”

From all accounts, they plan to stop wrestling once their new deals in AEW end in 2017.

Currently, FTR are in thier second reign as AEW Tag Team Champions. They are also know for holding tag team gold in ROH, NJPW and AAA. At times, they held multiple titles at once.

One has to wonder if Vince stayed away from WWE, if that would have been a factor. Remember, since Vince returned to WWE, the product does seem slightly different compared to when it was just Triple H.

So, should FTR trust Tony Khan over Triple H or are they wrong?

NXT Wrester A Big Star

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Von Wagner is still in NXT, but WWE sees bigs things in his future. In fact, during Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer noted how he is seen internally as a future WrestleMania main event superstar.

“He’s tall and he’s got blond hair,” said Meltzer. “They want him to main event WrestleMania, but you need charisma to get to that level.”

For those who do not recall, he joined NXT in early 2019. Then, he appeared more frequently in 2021, which was a time when the NXT brand was being completely overhauled.

Originally, he teamed with Kyle O’Reilly before turning heel. The feud ended with Wagner winning a steel cage match.

He did briefly appear on the main roster, but that lasted only weeks. He was quickly sent back to NXT for further training.

Since then, he has been working with Mr. Stone as his manager. There seems to be some tension between the two, but nothing major has happened. 

Wagner has remained in the title scene for the the NXT World Championship and North American Champion. Although, he is yet to capture any gold for the NXT brand.

He might have the look, but the 29 year old seems far from from being in the top spot of WrestleMania. First, he needs to get back on the main roster. 

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