BJ Whitmer
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AEW Producer BJ Whitmer was recently fired by the company, due to an arrest. More on this story, below.

AEW Fires BJ Whitmer

This past June 4th, Whitmer was arrested in Boone County, Kentucky by the Boone County Sheriff’s Department. The charges were first-degree strangulation and second-degree burglary.

His bond was set at $25,000. and he was released on June 12th. Due to the arrest,  AEW terminated the backstage producer.

AEW released a statement noting that Whitmer was fired following his domestic violence charges. The company notes that while staff and talent are responsible for their own personal actions, AEW does not tolerate this type of behavior.

BJ Whitmer
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The statement also reveals that the company has offered support to those impacted by Whitmer’s actions. The AEW producer’s first-degree offense falls under circumstances when one individual chokes another, causing injury.

The second charge of burglary deals with non-residential burglaries. At the age of 45, the former AEW producer started his wrestling career in 2000 and was trained by Les Thatcher at his Heartland Wrestling Association located in Ohio.

In 2003, he debuted in Ring of Honor (ROH). Over the years he worked both the Indie scene at ROH.

One of his milestone accomplishments was becoming a four-time ROH Tag Titleholder, twice with Dan Maff and twice with Jimmy Jacobs. His last “match” was in February 2017 where he teamed up with Punishment Martinez to beat War Machine.

BJ Whitmer
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Shortly after, he transitioned to become a backstage producer for the promotion. At times, he was also on commentary.

He left ROH in late 2018. His reasoning was that he was not allowed to work as a guest trainer at the WWE Performance Center.

He began working backstage at AEW in 2019. He’s been credited by Anna Jay for his help with the promotion’s women’s division.