Are AEW House Shows Doomed
source: @realbrittbaker, twitter, screenshot

It was something the company needed, and got, but now…are AEW house shows doomed?

Bet you weren’t expecting that question, were you?

Admittedly, this one comes from the Wrestling Observer, with some validity to it.

One thing All Elite Wrestling set out to do from the onset? Be plenty of things that WWE was not.

Like, no company that would have talent on the road for 200+ days a year.

And how do you avoid that? By not having house shows.

But there is a benefit to running those shows. More shows gets your product to more fans, and those fans pay for the privilege of getting into the arenas.

Another perk of house shows? More chances for greener talents to get work in.

So, of course, AEW did what they thought they might not…and they brought in house shows.

But now…

Are AEW House Shows Doomed
source: @realbrittbaker, twitter, screenshot

Are AEW House Shows Doomed?

The question comes up as we are nearing the debut of AEW’s newest show, Collision.

And, in the mix, the fact that some talent have at least anonymously voiced concerns about adding a show to the mix.

Like, “I didn’t come here for 2 live shows a week, if I wanted it I’d have signed with Vince” type comments.

So, will AEW run anymore? Or are AEW house shows doomed?

Probably…but…none are on the schedule after the last one recently ran.

The company finds itself in a bit of uncharted territory now.

Before, you had Dynamite running live, with Rampage running mostly taped along with Elevation and Dark.

Now, Dynamite and Collision will be live on Wednesdays and Saturdays for the most part.

Are AEW House Shows Doomed
source: @drainbamager, twitter, screenshot

That’s not saying the company couldn’t run house shows in between the two, like at venues between one and the other.

But, per the report, the belief is that while they probably will run more…they won’t run many.

It’s an interesting development worth watching, because the lack of opportunities for green talent to work in front of live crowds has been called out as something AEW is lacking.