Huge Debut For 2 RAW Superstars
source: @_pwchronicle, twitter, screenshot

If you watched the June 5th RAW, you would have see a huge debut for 2 RAW Superstars.

During the 2023 WWE Draft, the RAW roster plucked a few notable names from NXT.

In the days and weeks since, many of those new RAW Superstars have shown up and showed out on the red brand.

And now, we got to enjoy a huge debut for 2 of the newest RAW Superstars.

Huge Debut For 2 RAW Superstars
source: @_pwchronicle, twitter, screenshot

Specifically, former NXT Women’s Tag Team Champions Kayden Carter and Katana Chance.

According to PWInsider, the reception backstage for the debuting duo was exceptional.

So let’s discuss one…

Huge Debut For 2 RAW Superstars

Honestly, even if you didn’t work for WWE, or didn’t have all access passes to eavesdrop on those chats, if you saw RAW, you’d know where this is going.

After being off television since they got drafted, the diminutive duo showed up on this week’s RAW, and in a big way.

Specifically, they interrupted Ronda Rousey and Shayna Baszler, the new Women’s Tag Team Champions.

The newest RAW Superstars parlayed that interaction into a match.

Huge Debut For 2 RAW Superstars
source: @crispywrestling, twitter, screenshot

While they were ultimately defeated, they were extremely impressive in the process.

I mean, it would have been a truly awesome debut of the former NXT tag champs quickly became WWE Women’s Tag Champions.

It was not meant to be on this specific Monday, but given how strong they looked in the loss, I’d say their future in WWE is extremely bright.

The match was an interesting twist, considering what Rousey just recently said in an interview. In it, the Baddest Woman On The Planet called out the “lack of depth and quality” within the women’s tag division.

After this week’s show, I have to think that perhaps Rousey won’t think the tag team division is in such bad shape after all.

The pair stole the show on RAW, and it’s going to be exciting watching them each week.