WWE Draft 2023 reportedly first steps in wrapping up ‘Vince McMahon era’ of creative

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Despite reported “chaos” backstage at the 2023 WWE Draft, the two-day event allegedly could be the beginning stages of finishing off some of the final remnants of broad plans originally put in place by WWE Executive Chairman Vince McMahon.

For many long-time fans of the WWE product, founder Vince McMahon stepping away after a scandal related to hush money payments was the breath of fresh air the creative side of the company needed. After losing some steam on his fastball at 77 years old and a reputation for constant last-minute changes, it is no surprise that the product suffered greatly in recent years.

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Following his departure last summer, the company has seen a serious resurgence in fan interest and revenue with Paul “Triple H” Levesque in charge of creative as storylines throughout WWE Raw and Smackdown Live have become far more cohesive, long-lasting, and well-planned. And it has all been led by the brilliance of The Bloodline saga.

However, McMahon was able to regain control of his creation late last year through his power as a stockholder and now through the organization’s merger with UFC’s parent company Endeavor. Rumors were rampant after Wrestlemania 39 that McMahon had his hand back on the creative wheel and was back to changing plans at the last minute.

Yet, since his appearance at the Raw after Wrestlemania, he has been an influence from afar instead of in person, and a new rumor claims his influence could soon diminish even further.

Now, this must be taken with a massive grain of salt, but the Twitter account BoozerRasslin has quickly become a source for WWE intel and dropped several notable pre-WWE Draft news nuggets that ended up being accurate.

Following night two of the WWE Draft on Raw, the account claimed that “This is the first set of plans by H set and done. Few to work on till [SummerSlam]. From there H will get his engine running on high with everything being sorted and balanced.”

They were then asked in a response if NXT talent will be able to finish up their storylines since quite a few top stars including the women’s tag team champions were taken in this year’s WWE Draft. Boozer tweeted that Levesque is “rounding up the last bits of the [Vincent Kennedy McMahon] era.”

Again, this could end up being all false, however, members of creative make burner accounts to leak inside intelligence is nothing new in the industry.

Furthermore, big broad stories could have been planned well in advance by McMahon after his return late last year, and maybe, just maybe, he ends up being a man of his word and stays out of “the weeds” on the creative side of WWE.

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