Could Tag Champs Break Up Soon?
source: @_pwchronicle, twitter, screenshot

It seems almost crazy to ask, but could tag champs break up soon?

And to be clear, these are WWE tag champs.

Specifically, newly crowned WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions Shayna Baszler and Ronda Rousey.

It seems absolutely crazy to think about them and a break up so soon…but here we are.

Per a report via Wrestletalk, we do indeed find ourselves asking…

Could Tag Champs Break Up Soon?
source: @_pwchronicle, twitter, screenshot

Could Tag Champs Break Up Soon?

Now, considering that Baszler and Rousey are long-time friends, back from their MMA days…and they’ve been pushing for this pairing for a while…this is a bit of a surprise.

Ironically, or perhaps humorously, Rousey did only just recently unload about the shallow depth within the division.

While I don’t entirely agree, given the new draftees and such, her point was not completely wrong.

And, breaking up the tag champs only contributes to the very problem she pontificated about.

Per the report, there’s a belief that Rousey will be taking some time off soon (already?!), and we may see her and Baszler end their short-lived tag reign before that happens.

Could Tag Champs Break Up Soon?
source: @wchampsdaily, twitter, screenshot

Part of the reason for this would be to set up a program between Rousey and Baszler, something that apparently Ronda Rousey has been pushing for for a while.

Given their MMA experience, this one could be quite the feud. From an MMA perspective, Rousey has the edge…but Shayna Baszler is the better in ring competitor during her WWE time.

My two cents, for what it’s worth?

The WWE Women’s Tag Team division is a bit of a farce.

For every strong pairing-like, actual team-we’ve seen, they don’t tend to last.

Perhaps it is because for a lot of the Superstars, they leveraged friendships to form “teams”, whereas many tag teams on the men’s side have worked a lot more in that space than as singles wrestlers.

WWE still has plenty of the women do double duty.

Here’s where the NXT draftees could help. The current NXT title holders and another team that can say they recently held those same belts…spent a lot of time in NXT working as tag teams.

Put the belts on a legit team, and keep them there a while. If WWE cuts down on the randomly created, short lived teams?

It could do wonders.

But for now…we could see the recently crowned pair break up soon.