WWE Creative Hate A Superstar
source: @ajfrancis410, twitter, screenshot

If you caught this past Friday’s SmackDown, you might have asked yourself….Does WWE Creative hate a Superstar?

More to be using proper wrestling terms…does one particular Superstar have heat in the back?

Specifically…look back to the tag team #1 contender gauntlet match.

While a couple teams didn’t last that long…one specific talent took a loss insanely fast.

Like, so fast it has people asking about whether or not there’s something going on there.

Specifically…does Creative hate Top Dolla?

Does WWE Creative Hate A Superstar?

While it might seem like a crazy question to ask…is it really?

Triple H brought plenty of released talents back once he started in his current role.

WWE Creative Hate A Superstar
source: @ajfrancis410, twitter, screenshot

Hit Row, including Top Dolla but minus Swerve, was one such re-hire.

But…the return has not gone well, if we are being honest.

Top Dolla got widely mocked for a horrific (and very nearly dangerous) botch, being called “Flop” Dolla instead.

Well, on Friday’s show, Michael Cole called him Flop Dolla once again, amidst the team being bounced in rapid fashion from the gauntlet match.

Per the Wrestling Observer, there is definitely some backstage heat there.

Then again, as people often do, they take the Observer reports with a grain of salt.

That being said, that particular loss was pretty bad. And, they weren’t the only team to lose…they were just gone in seconds, versus minutes.

If there is heat between Top Dolla (and Hit Row by extension) and the creative team…that probably needs to get sorted quick.

I can’t help but wonder if this is still some lingering issue carrying over from the original flop botch…in which case that air needs to get cleared.

If not, maybe Hit Row needs some time back in NXT to get things back together…or they might find themselves back on the free agent list soon enough.

WWE Creative Hate A Superstar
source: @ajfrancis410, twitter, screenshot

Or, it could be an Observer report that is way off, and Hit Row will be fine.