Swerve Strickland And Ricky Starks Fight, Big Change To NXT

Swerve Strickland Ricky Starks
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We are learning of another backstage fight in AEW, this time with Swerve Strickland Ricky Starks. Also, a big change is coming to NXT.

Swerve Strickland And Ricky Starks Fight

Last September, chaos occurred after AEW’s All Out pay per view. By now, we all know the story.

CM Punk buried The Elite during a post-show media conference. As a result, Kenny Omega and The Young Bucks knocked down his locker room door.

They brawled, along with Ace Steel on Punk’s side. All the parties mentioned were suspended, with Steel being fired, as the melee was investigated.

Punk is yet to return as he was injured earlier in the night. Many think AEW will buyout his contract.

Apparently AEW had another brawl in May during Double Or Nothing. That is a new one we are learning about and it involved Swerve Strickland and Ricky Starks.

Fightful Select reported how their was a miscommunication during their three-way tag team match. 

They continued how Starks was supposed to go for his finisher. Strickland was on the apron and felt standing there was pointless. 

“Starks was originally supposed to go for his finish on someone, but Swerve found himself doing nothing and thought it would be a better improv to get hit and dumped out of the ring, otherwise he’d be standing there watching it,” the report stated.

We had heard that they had a follow up segment on Dynamite after that nixed, but made peace after that, and are fine to this day. They even worked together a couple of months later on AEW Fyter Fest.”

As a result, a follow-up segment for Dynamite was scratched.

It seems like nobody was punished and the two resolved the matter on their own. Basically, they spoke and that was the end of the incident. 

Big Change To NXT

Swerve Strickland Ricky Starks

Source: @XylotThemes, Twitter, Screenshot

(UPDATE: Following Vengeance Day, NXT’s Shawn Michaels is denying the report. He stated Ivy Nile working ROW is one-time deal. We will see if that sticks)

There is a big change coming to NXT. Going forward, talent can work for select Indy shows.

Bryan Alvarez, of Wrestling Observer, was the first to report the news.

In the past, WWE only lets their talent appear on brands that represent the company.

At the moment, no reason was provided for the switch. But, the talent will likely be happy with the change.

NXT only has two hours a week, so just a handful of superstars get featured. On occasion, they have been seen on RAW, SmackDown and recently the Royal Rumble.

Now, do not expect to see talent on shows that is filmed for disruption. I would imagine if someone under WWE contract owns a pro wrestling promotion, that is okay by WWE.

And, that seems to be the case with Reality of Wrestling.

So, look for someone like Booker T to benefit from the new rule.

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