Carmella Has Happy News, CM Punk Criticized

After a down 2022, Carmella has happy news she shared with the world. Plus, after a surprise appearance at RAW, CM Punk is criticized.

Carmella Has Happy News
Credit: @nodqdotcom, twitter, screenshot

After a down 2022, Carmella has happy news she shared with the world. Plus, after a surprise appearance at RAW, CM Punk is criticized.

Carmella Has Happy News

We only just got her back on television, but Carmella has happy news, and it is happy news that will keep her out of the ring.

The WWE Superstar announced on Good Morning America on Monday morning that she and her husband are expecting their first child.

Her husband, of course, is former NXT Superstar and current announcer Corey Graves.

The couple’s first child is due in November.

It is great to hear that Carmella has happy news, especially considering what she has endured.

Fans have not seen a lot from Carmella in recent months.

She missed a portion of time in 2022, that may or may not have been related to her prior pregnancy, which she unfortunately lost.

Based on the timing of the announcement, it would seem that the couple waited until the riskiest part was behind them.

That is similar to what Barbie Blank-better known to WWE fans as Kelly Kelly-did with her own recent pregnancy news.

Carmella Has Happy News
source: @nodqdotcom, twitter, screenshot

Carmella (and Kelly Kelly) will become the latest WWE Superstars becoming mothers.

Their children, along with the other recent Superstar babies, could be joining the WWE Performance Center class in 20 or so years.

Kidding…but kind of not really…considering how many multi-generational Superstars we’ve seen.

But, in all seriousness, seeing that Carmella has happy news made my day.

As someone who has experience with those struggles, I can relate. Here’s to hoping the expecting parents have smooth sailing ahead of their fall delivery!

CM Punk Criticized

This won’t shock many, but CM Punk has been criticized yet again.

However, for this particular dose of criticism, it is not because of the All Out Brawl.

At least, not directly.

CM Punk has been out of action since the post-show fracas, in part due to suspension but also due to an injury he suffered in his match that night.

Reports indicate that Punk is cleared to return to the ring, and AEW have worked on plans to bring him back.

Which kind of ties in to why CM Punk was criticized recently.

Punk made news last week when RAW was in his hometown of Chicago…because he showed up and visited backstage.

Reports came out that he met with some Superstars, and tried to chat with Triple H. However, once word of Punk’s presence reached Vince McMahon, Punk was told to leave, which he did.

On top of that, CM Punk showed up at IMPACT over the weekend.

So, Punk was criticized, and likely earned it.

This time, the person criticizing him was Eric Bischoff, on his podcast.

Bischoff admittedly does not have any love lost for CM Punk, but said Punk showing up and being seen backstage at RAW seemed desperate.

Like, someone was seeking attention.

Carmella Has Happy News
source: @realrickymorton, twitter, screenshot

If you were just trying to bury some hatchets and whatnot…chances are you’d be doing so much more privately.

Not Punk, not now.

To Bischoff’s credit, he probably was spot on for this one.

According to reports last week after RAW, at least a few Superstars voiced similar opinions.

That is, that Punk showed up knowing it would generate a buzz, and that he was trying to get that buzz ahead of his rumored AEW television return.

While at least a couple Superstars ran into him and spent time with him, reports indicate that many did not, even before he was asked to leave.

IMPACT being a bit of a lower exposure didn’t seem to generate as much backlash, especially since there is a working relationship between AEW and the promotion.

We’ve seen and heard of WWE and AEW talents showing up at the other company’s events-everyone has friends working for the competition.

The key is, most of those times the appearances are low-key and don’t involve the talent seeking out an audience with a key executive.

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