Logan Paul Contract Status, Kelly Kelly Is Pregnant

logan paul contract status
source: @wrestlepurists, twitter, screenshot

Just days away from WrestleMania, there’s an interesting bit about Logan Paul and his WWE contract status. Plus, former Superstar Kelly Kelly is pregnant!

Logan Paul Contract Status

In a bit of a twist, we’ve got word about Logan Paul and his WWE contract status.

The news effectively comes from Logan Paul himself, via his Impaulsive podcast.

Back when he made news by signing his WWE contract, it was believed it was a big-time, multi-year deal.

According to Logan Paul, his current WWE contract expires after WrestleMania.

Part of me then wonders if WWE can or would add time, due to Logan Paul’s injury.

Except, without seeing the paperwork, it seems likely that his contract was not for a length of time, but rather a number of appearances.

So, if what Paul said is true-and why wouldn’t it be-his contract is expiring soon.

logan paul contract status

source: @wrestlepurists, twitter, screenshot

It does then raise an interesting question. Will Logan Paul want to re-sign?

And, more importantly, would WWE want to bring back the lightning rod of a social media star?

For any concern about how Paul would be in the ring, as a “celebrity”, he quickly and loudly put them to rest.

Each and every match he has looked better and better.

He worked well on some big stages, including a prior WrestleMania match, SummerSlam and of course, a world title shot against Roman Reigns in Saudi Arabia.

Given his talent, as well as his influence, I have to expect WWE officials want to fix his contract status sooner or later.

After all, many of his WWE related clips have done incredibly well, and as the company heads for a sale, surely having Logan Paul under contract would be a plus.

Kelly Kelly Is Pregnant

In news from outside the ring, former WWE Superstar Kelly Kelly is pregnant. Kelly revealed the news to Entertainment Tonight.

This is exciting news for the former Divas Champion, for a couple reasons at least.

For one, it will be Kelly and husband Joe Coba’s first child.

The baby is due in September if all goes well.

For another, Kelly Kelly notably and unfortunately suffered a miscarriage in 2021.

As she noted with ET, the loss of that pregnancy happened earlier on, and she is past that point in her current one.

It is not easy to bounce back, and surely having lost one, she will be extra nervous and careful until her new baby is born.

logan paul contract status

source: @wrestlingnewsco, twitter, screenshot

But, not too careful. After all, Kelly Kelly confirmed that (barring something unexpected) she would be in Hollywood for WrestleMania.

Fans, upon learning of her happy news, made some interesting points.

As you’d expect, many fans are happy for her and wishing her all the best!

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