Eddie Kingston Surgery, AEW Roster Likely Split Into 2?

Eddie Kingston surgery will see the wrestling veteran take a short break, And, the AEW roster is seemingly being split into two.

Eddie Kingston Surgery
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Eddie Kingston surgery will see the wrestling veteran take a short break. And, the AEW roster is seemingly being split into two.

Eddie Kingston Surgery

For over two decades, Eddie Kingston has been a professional wrestler. Even before stepping inside a ring, he was, and remains, a huge fan.

He has wrestled around the world and for most of the top the companies in the United States. The only major wrestling promotion in the United States he did not sign with was WWE.

Honestly, Kingston does fit the mold of WWE. And, that is a good thing as he is able to wrestle and cut promos without someone hovering over him.

The last few years, he was competed for AEW and ROH. He works for both companies, since Tony Khan owns both, but recently switched his focus to ROH.

During Thursday night’s ROH on HonorClub, Kingston revealed he was having an operation for a hernia. 

“I’m going to make this short and sweet,” said Kingston. “I’ve been dealing with a hernia injury. “Well, I just found out it was a hernia. I’ve been dealing with [an] injury since September; no excuse.”

Then, he shifted his focus to Claudio Castagnoli, who he has battled for years and there is some bad-blood. At last month’s Supercard of Honor, ROH World Champion Castagnoli defeated Kinston in a 20 minute main event.

Considering how Kingston speaks, those two are far from done. Although, he did give Castagnoli props for his victory at Supercard of Honor.

Eddie Kingston worked hard to get to AEW, and now he’s with ROH. All of that momentum is temporarily stalled as Kingston deals with an injury that he has been suffering from since September.

Eddie Kingston Surgery Needed Following Recent Match

“The reason why I’m gonna most likely need surgery for this hernia, or the hernia acted up really bad and I’ve had it since September was because you beat my a— that much that I couldn’t sleep that night,” said Kingston. “I couldn’t get comfortable.”

Before retuning to ROH earlier in the year, Kingston really shined in AEW. He was brought in July 2020 for a match with Cody Rhodes. Kingston’s mic work and ability inside the ring got him immediately signed.

He would work alongside and against Jon Moxley for a long period of time. Also, he feuded with Chris Jericho while also working with stars from New Japan Pro-Wrestling. 

In storyline, he quit AEW in March and quickly showed-up in ROH. Once Kingston is better, look for him to continue his feud with Castagnoli.

So, do you think the Eddie Kingston surgery will derail the momentum he has gained?

AEW Roster Likely Split Into Two?

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The AEW roster is overloaded and that caused many egos to clash and some do not even appear on TV. Now, AEW might have a solution to their problem.

Sean Sapp further reported behind Fightful’s paywall that there is talk AEW will split the roster. They have a show coming Saturday and that will see part of the talent likely head there.

A big factor in all this revolves around CM Punk. Warner Bros Discovery want Punk back on TV and think adding him to the upcoming Saturday show will help with viewership.

Remember, Punk was suspended from AEW back in September following the brawl after All Out. During the post-show media scrum, Punk buried The Elite and that caused physicality in the back.

Everyone has mostly returned from following the melee, minus Ace Steel; who was fired. Punk has not returned, but he was injured during the match earlier in the night and should now finally be cleared to return inside a ring.

Punk has apparently pitched some ideas for his return. Some of them involve The Elite, but word is they are not interested in working with Punk.

We are not sure if the tension still exist, but separating the roster could help the situation. As for pay per views, that would see the entire AEW roster featured.

WWE has done the brand split off-and-on for about a decade. It worked in the beginning, but the concept has lately felt watered-down.

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