Jon Moxley Responds To CM Punk, Matt Jackson Injured

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While it’s deleted now, CM Punk posted a story on his Instagram recently, casting a dark shadow on AEW. Jon Moxley recently responded to some of what his former opponent when into. Plus, it looks like Matt Jackson has a legitimate injury.

Jon Moxley Responds To CM Punk

In the now-deleted IG story, Punk alleges he was asked to work while he was hurt during last year’s All Out pay-per-view (PPV). Punk also notes in the story that Jon Moxley had issues losing to him, during the build-up of their bout.

Moxley’s not one to engage in drama, but he recently addressed CM Punk’s social media statements. This week, he joined his wife Renee Paquette on her podcast The Sessions to talk about it all.

Moxley states that it is “F-ing annoying” and he doesn’t want to get dragged into this. He reveals he could unload on a lot of individuals if he gets dragged in, and while he’s tempted to do this, he won’t sink to thank level.

Jon Moxley Sets The Record Straight With CM Punk

As CM Punk was injured in the summer of 2022, Jon carried the promotion as Interim AEW World Champion. With this said, Jon reveals during the podcast that throughout this all, he was working without a contract.

In fact, he notes that he could’ve easily walked into WWE SummerSlam that year with the AEW title if he was “inclined”. But, as we all know, he did not.

However, Moxley notes that nobody knew all this because he doesn’t put his ‘stuff’ out there in the world. Moxley also states during the interview that “Tony (Khan) is not by boss” and he (Moxley) doesn’t have to do “s***”.

Jon goes on to say that being in a room and agreeing to a storyline during the All Out buildup that puts you (CM Punk) over at the event meant he (Jon) was “bending over backward” for both Khan and “this dude” for the company’s sake. He’s not wrong.

Needless to say, it was clearly important for Moxley to set the record straight. The bigger question is, will CM Punk respond?

In other AEW news, looks like Matt Jackson is injured. WNZ has an update, below.

Matt Jackson Injured

AEW did an angle on Dynamite last week that saw the Young Bucks stretchered out after Blackpool Combat Club attacked them. With that said, it looks like Matt Jackson is legitimately injured.

Jon Moxley CM Punk

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Wrestling Observer Radio’s Bryan Alvarez states that Jackson has a partially torn bicep. It occurred earlier in March, during the AEW Trios Championship match on Dynamite while the company was in Winnipeg, Canada.

Interestingly enough, it happened early on in the bout, but Matt finished up the match. It’s unclear if Jackson will require surgery.

When Does Matt Jackson Return?

Dave Meltzer chimed into the discussion, stating that he heard Jackson has opted out of getting surgery. According to Meltzer, Matt is hopeful he’ll be back quicker without going under the knife.

Dave states that surgery would offer a seven-month recovery timeline. The Double or Nothing PPV is about two months away, and Meltzer wonders if Matt will be ready for that event.

Dave notes two months “feels short” for recovery, and it is too bad if the Young Bucks miss out on this PPV. With that said, only time will tell if and when Matt Jackson returns to in-ring action.

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