Is WWE Finally Adding New Women’s Championships To RAW And SmackDown?

We've asked for them for long enough, but is WWE finally adding new women's championships to RAW and SmackDown?

womens championships raw smackdown
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We’ve asked for them for long enough, but is WWE finally adding new women’s championships to RAW and SmackDown?

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It is something that only really became a need to have item in the past few years. After all, anyone who followed WWE long before the current product knows this. Years ago, women were to look at or to manage, but women’s matches were rare. And, often, they were pandering to the male demographic. Also, the women’s roster had virtually no depth. There were some names, sure, but 20 or even 15 years ago, you couldn’t imagine a roster deep enough to support a Royal Rumble, much less multiple titles. And the title was pink with butterflies. We’ve come a long way.

Of course, there are two women’s titles, with a champion on each of RAW and SmackDown. But there was depth for more, so we finally got women’s tag titles. Except, let’s be honest. Sometimes, those are treated as mid-card titles. Like “we want you to have a title, but not THAT title”. And for a little bit now, we’ve heard murmurs of women’s mid-card titles being added to the mix. A women’s Intercontinental variant, and a women’s United States variant? Absolutely. And again, the current roster depth absolutely can support them, and warrants having another prize to be fought for.

But will we get them?

womens championships raw smackdown
Credit: wwe

I honestly thought we’d see them before we saw an NXT mid-card title, but the junior show added their own secondary women’s belt just recently. It makes sense there, because some talents are perhaps a little less experienced but the company believes they might be ready for the weight of a strap. Case in point, Kelani Jordan is extremely new to the industry. The former gymnast is a 100% product of the Performance Center, just a couple years as a pro, and now holds that secondary women’s belt. And she looks fine doing so.

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Now, we are hearing that WWE appears very close to adding secondary belts to both RAW and SmackDown. The timing is perfect, and has been. You’ve got roster depth the likes of which WWE has never enjoyed. But, each brand currently only has a single title, plus the tag belts. Adding those belts gives another talent on each brand a chance to shine. It’s long overdue, and according to sources such as Fightful? We may be seeing them up for grabs soon. It’s hard not to love the idea of a couple new women’s championships across RAW and SmackDown.

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