Steve-O Missed His Royal Rumble Moment

Fans know that WWE loves it's crossover moments, and we almost had another in 2022, but Steve-O missed his Royal Rumble moment.

Steve-O Royal Rumble
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Fans know that WWE loves it’s crossover moments, and we almost had another in 2022, but Steve-O missed his Royal Rumble moment.

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There is a bit of time travel for this one, sort of. The time is 2022, the event is the Royal Rumble. We have a show booked by Vince McMahon, so take the insanity in with that fact in mind. WWE has long been known for celebrity involvement. Some works better than others. Like, Bad Bunny actually could wrestle a bit, and Logan Paul coming in to WWE has been nothing short of amazing. But, in the 2022 Rumble, we saw a participant who was an actual stunt man: Johnny Knoxville, formerly of Jackass fame.

Steve-O Royal Rumble

Knoxville flew solo, sort of.

Knoxville’s involvement in that match was just the start of his 2022 time in WWE. He got under the skin of Sami Zayn, which led to a WrestleMania match between the two, which Knoxville won. During his appearances, he had many familiar castmates by his side, but one major name and face was missing. Steve-O missed his Royal Rumble moment, as well as his spot in WrestleMania.

Steve-O recently shared on his podcast the reasoning why he missed out, and what his Rumble involvement would have been. And, of course, why he wasn’t there. As with other members of the entourage, the expectation was for Steve-O to accompany Knoxville down to the ring. If you followed the show or watched any of the films, you would recall that some of the most insane stunts would be done by Steve-O. So, who knows what we missed out on.

As for the why? The reality show star admitted that, ahead of the premium live event, he tested positive for COVID. As a result of his positive test, and given what the pandemic did, he was forced to miss the appearance. It is unfortunate that we did miss this, because I have to think he would have taken on some crazy spot. But, it was not meant to be. Perhaps down the road we might see him get another shot?

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