Reason Why Steve Austin Did Not Make Rumored Appearance In WrestleMania 40 Main Event Revealed

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Rumors swirled for weeks that Steven Austin might appear at Wrestlemania 40 and a new report reveals that was the plan but agreeing on the price for the appearance sunk a potential deal.

Wrestlemania 40 will go down as, arguably, the greatest in the event’s storied history. Not just because it delivered a strong two-night card with one of the best finishes in Wrestlemania history, but because it was also a massive success on social media, views, and revenue.

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Heading into the card there were a lot of rumors about some WWE legends that might show up and get involved in the main events of night one and two, featuring Cody Rhodes battling The Bloodline. One rumor came true on night two when John Cena showed up to help Rhodes fend off Roman Reigns‘ cronies. However, there was one absence that disappointed some fans.

There were rumblings before the event that “Stone Cold” Steve Austin could make an appearance to spoil Reign’s and The Rock’s plans for Cody Rhodes. However, the “Texas Rattlesnake” was a no-show, and instead, The Undertaker played a prominent role in the show’s grand finale. Well, as some assumed “The Deadman” actually was the plan B.

Not agreeing on money is why Steve Austin did not appear at Wrestlemania 40

steve austin

In a new edition of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, long-time pro wrestling reporter Dave Meltzer revealed that “Austin was the person originally earmarked for that spot [in Wrestlemania night two], but in the end, they couldn’t reach a financial agreement and Undertaker was put in his place.”

The Undertaker received a huge response and made a legendary impact on the event his streak took to new heights. However, Steve Austin not appearing will go down as one of the biggest “what if” moments in Wrestlemania history. And it’s all the more disappointing that money was the biggest hold-up in an iconic moment not occurring.

“Stone Cold” had a legendary rivalry with The Rock and him making a surprise appearance fit very well into the storyline the company set up for the event’s finale this past weekend.

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