RAW Results For June 24, 2024: Money In The Bank Qualifiers Continue

It's that time once again, as we get into the RAW results for June 24, 2024. Tonight, we have the Money In The Bank qualifiers continue

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It’s that time once again, as we get into the RAW results for June 24, 2024. Tonight, we have the Money In The Bank qualifiers continue, plus fallout from Drew McIntyre-CM Punk and the Wyatt Sick6.

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Quick Results:

  • Bron Breakker versus Ludwig Kaiser ends in a no contest when Sheamus got involved. Feels like a triple threat at Money In The Bank to determine Sami Zayn’s SummerSlam opponent? Answer came a bit later, no, not a triple threat. Instead, just Sami and Bron one on one at the moment.
  • Lyra Valkyria wins a triple threat against Shayna Baszler and Kairi Sane. With the win, Valkria qualifies for Money In The Bank.
  • Chad Gable wins his Money In The Bank qualifier, beating Bronson Reed and Braun Strowman with a huge assist from the Judgement Day. Interesting move, considering for a chunk of last week, Gable was out of the match due to the events of last RAW.
  • Alba Fyre and Isla Dawn defeat Kayden Carter and Katana Chance.
  • Karrion Kross defeats Kofi Kingston, who was distracted by AOP destroying Xavier Woods in the back.
  • Finn Balor and JD McDonagh defeat Awesome Truth to become your new tag champions. Truth booked this match goofily with Liv Morgan, and just like that Liv is doing her best to win over the group.

Best Match Of The Night:

Tough choices here. Liked both MITB qualifiers, and the tag title main event was strong as well. Flip a coin.

Worst Match Of The Night:

Bron and Ludwig was OK, but could have been better. But I wanted much more from Kross/Kingston, and we just did not get it.

Star Of The Night:

Forget in the ring. The team involved in producing the video gets top honors, as do Bo Dallas/Uncle Howdy. That tape, processed though it may be, was very well done.

Spot Of The Night:

That Brogue Kick from Sheamus to a running Ludwig Kaiser looked fierce. The spear by Breakker on Sheamus as he was about to put Kaiser through the table was too.

Botch Of The Night:

Ludwig Kaiser gave a pre-match promo. He was wrestling Bron Breakker. He first invoked the name of Braun Strowman. Close, both strong, but not quite the right Superstar. Though, it raises an interesting point that WWE didn’t just keep him as Bronson, or something else. Because Braun and Bron is close, and they have a Bronson already.

Holy Sh#$ Moment Of The Night:

Interesting spin on the Rollins/Priest title match just around the corner. If Rollins wins, Priest leaves Judgement Day. But if Rollins loses, he will never challenge Priest for the title again.

Feels like a clue for some outside interference, or perhaps the 2024 men’s Money In The Bank winner to cash in and make neither scenario possible. Or, maybe Gunther interjects, as he did on Monday.

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Noteworthy Moment Of The Night:

Interesting that we had no Pat McAfee. There was a part of a show last week that sounded and felt like the Wyatt Sick6 were crossing over to ESPN, but we never saw more on that…and we saw Pat after. Unless he’s going to play it up like he’s in fear, but that doesn’t sound like Pat.

One week, Bron Breakker is a heel. Another week, he’s more the face. Are we going for a ‘tweener type Superstar, or has WWE just not quite decided how best to position him?

Triple H confirmed that Indianapolis and WWE have partnered up for PLEs, with the city getting one each of the Royal Rumble, WrestleMania and SummerSlam, beginning with the 2025 Rumble.

After Gable’s win, the Sick6 got involved, with Nikki Cross leaving a VHS tape for the missing Pat McAfee. Following that interaction, we had Gable try to fix things with Otis backstage, but to no avail. But Gable also ran into the Creed Brothers who checked on him, to which Gable said no, he needs help. Maybe finally seeing that team up?

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Lowlights Of The Night:

A couple duds on this RAW but they make us like the awesome ones more.

Highlights Of The Night:

I liked what WWE did with the tape from Nikki. Bo being interviewed by Bo, as Uncle Howdy? Slick stuff, especially as it hammered one point some fans were complaining about-that it’s exploiting Bray’s death.

After The Final Bell:

Credit: WWE

Here’s food for thought. Priest told Dom to make things right and end things with Liv tonight. Instead, Liv gets Judgement Day a tag title match-which gave us new champs. But was the champ trying to give Dom a heads up that maybe a certain Mami is due back soon, and Mysterio’s mess won’t go over well? Next week’s RAW should be interesting too, with a couple big matches on tap.

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