Banger Between Sheamus And Ludwig Kaiser On RAW Earned Rave Reviews

It should come as no surprise, but the banger between Sheamus and Ludwig Kaiser on RAW earned rave reviews.

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It should come as no surprise, but the banger between Sheamus and Ludwig Kaiser on RAW earned rave reviews.

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Right out of the gate, if you did not catch the opening match from the June 3rd edition of Monday Night RAW, I implore you to go watch it now. I’ll wait. OK, I don’t have to wait, but seriously, go watch it. And, if you’ve already watched it, then this really shouldn’t be a stunner. According to Fightful, the match between Sheamus and Ludwig Kaiser on RAW earned rave reviews from folks in the back.

It was really good

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I had it as a match of the night in my RAW recap, so it was no shock to me. The remark was fairly straight to the point, but I find it open to interpretation, and here’s why. On one hand, the match just as it was-a banger of a match opening RAW-was a match of the week. Hard hitting, fun, good story, there was plenty to enjoy. But, if we peel back the layers of the onion, I think that there is more. Keep in mind, this is me reading between the lines here, but I feel it’s a fair leap.

Ludwig Kaiser is making the most of his opportunity. He is still part of IMPERIUM with Gunther, of course. But it was at Kaiser’s hands that Giovanni Vinci was excommunicated from the group. He is building momentum, and while I wouldn’t call it a full blown push, he is certainly getting his chances. And, when given those chances, he has thus far looked exceptionally good. Up until recent times, he had been primarily a tag wrestler as part of the group. Now, he is taking advantage of a singles run.

On the other side? Sheamus deserves credit too. It takes two to tango, or two to work a match (at least). As proven by the marks on his chest, the match was a legitimately hard hitting banger. In the end, the seasoned veteran in Sheamus put over the rising Superstar in Kaiser. I am sure that the Irish brawler will get some payback at some point. That said, doing what he did, in the way he did it, helps build up another talent for bigger things. You love to see it.

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