WWE RAW Results: Aftermath Of The Cut Off Kiss (6/3/2024)

It's once again time for your weekly WWE RAW results, and I am curious to get into the aftermath of the cut off kiss-all that and more for a busy June 3rd, 2024.

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It’s once again time for your weekly WWE RAW results, and I am curious to get into the aftermath of the cut off kiss-all that and more for a busy June 3rd, 2024.

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Quick Results

  • Ludwig Kaiser scored a big win over Sheamus. Some might term it an upset; I wouldn’t go quite so far. But it stands as a signature win for Kaiser on the singles side of things.
  • Dragon Lee was defeated by Finn Balor. Post-match, the former champ got beat down by Judgement Day and Carlito, before Braun Strowman and Rey Mysterio made the save. I mean, it was 100% Braun, but Rey was there.
  • Bron Breakker wrestled a non-jobber, defeating Ricochet in his longest main roster match yet. After the match, Bron was trying to destroy Ricochet but Ilja Dragunov made the save.
  • Kiana James defeats Natalya in her RAW debut. I would say that was a big one for the newcomer.
  • Braun Strowman squashes Carlito. After the match, Judgement Day took out Strowman.
  • Jade Cargill and Bianca Belair defeat Shayna Baszler and Zoey Stark by way of DQ due to interference from the Unholy Union. Odd choice of how to do that, because it should make both teams mad.
  • AOP squash New Day. Karrion Kross told Xavier he wouldn’t have to follow Kofi after the match, but nothing happened.
  • Damian Priest defeats Rey Mysterio in what I can only say was a busy main event.

Best Match of the night:

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Sheamus versus Ludwig Kaiser probably checks all those boxes for me. Priest and Rey wasn’t bad either, but I’ll take the opening banger here.

Worst match of the night:

Strowman versus Carlito. Squash that led to an odd beating to help Judgement Day get their groove back.

Spot of the Night:

Bron Breakker delivering a Frankensteiner. After Adam Pearce was said to have called Bron a dog-faced gremlin (as mentioned by Cole on commentary). Nice to finally mention more of his Steiner heritage. Wonder if they don’t eventually shed the Breakker mess for Steiner.

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Jobber of the Night:

Natalya, putting over Kiana James in the RAW newbie’s first red brand match.

Upset of the Night:

Kaiser over Sheamus might have been. But, in this era, it shouldn’t be. Sheamus putting over the younger Superstar made a ton of sense.

Holy Sh** Moment of the Night:

After what happened with him earlier in the day as part of his day job, I was mildly surprised that Pat McAfee was still at his usual spot. Happy he was. But still surprised.

LOL Moment of the night:

Truth consoling Carlito for earning his way into Judgement Day, saying that when he was in, it was the best days of his life. To which Miz took exception.

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Noteworthy Moment:

So, WWE had timing issues and we missed the kiss to close RAW. Netflix can’t get here soon enough, right? That said, the follow up in the opening segment was interesting. Does Dom want Liv? She thinks he does, but his actions in the opener say otherwise.

Of course, then we get Liv Morgan saving Dom from Braun Strowman, so just some added wrinkles. I don’t really feel all that into this angle yet, but I am willing to wait it out. I have a feeling this will be pivotal in a Rhea Ripley face turn. If so, sign me up.

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How can you not love Natalya, post-defeat, saying to Sonya “Enough is enough, it’s time for a change”. No doubt that was 1,000 percent an homage to Uncle Owen. In spite of Martha’s continued involvement with AEW, I do feel like it is another hint that the long-frigid Owen-WWE relationship may be thawing.

Alba Fyre and Isla Dawn are back, attacking the tag champs.

Overall lowlights:

Here’s a gripe. Braun Strowman comes out earlier to save Dragon Lee, with Rey just there for moral support. I get it, Mysterio has the main event, so, play it safe. But then, Strowman gets attacked by everyone in Judgement Day except Priest and including Carlito…and no one can come out? No Dragon Lee, no Rey with a chair. LWO leaves the borrowed big man high and dry.

I get wanting to let JD re-set things and have a significant beating. But knowing that backup existed and was in the building but just conveniently didn’t come out? Weak.

Another more general complaint about this show? A lot of run-ins and disqualifications. Felt too busy almost.

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Overall highlights:

Kaiser and Sheamus had a strong match, and I can’t wait to see where they take Ludwig. Nice to see Breakker get a non-squash win. I guess the women’s tag titles have a few challengers, but I didn’t love how we got there. I think the Otis turn needs to happen soon, unless we get it dragged out more? But with Gable getting a title shot at Clash, do we see Otis cost Sami the belt? And then, could that get us Otis and Gable for the belt at SummerSlam? I wouldn’t hate that. And nice close to the show, in spite of even more craziness. Drew versus Priest should be the focus, and McIntyre made sure to remind us.

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After the final bell:

It was an odd show, to me. Some good, some not so good. My main thought there? They can’t all be amazing.

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