Adam Copeland Denied Gangrel Request By WWE Because ‘Nobody Remembers’ Former Attitude Era Star

There were several points recently, where Adam Copeland (then Edge) wanted Gangrel on TV, but WWE believed "nobody remembers" him.

Adam Copeland Gangrel
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There were several points recently, where Adam Copeland (then Edge) wanted Gangrel on TV, but WWE believed “nobody remembers” him.

Initially, Adam Copeland’s pro wrestling career was cut short. Then, years later, WWE finally cleared him to return. The fact that AEW showed plenty of interest could have played a role in WWE’s decision. Fan saw Copeland return and work mostly as a face, with a short period as a heel during the early days of The Judgement Day. Several times, we saw ‘Brood Edge’ and naturally it led to talk of The Brood (Christian & and Gangrel) making appearance. 

On INSIGHT with Chris Van Vliet,  Copeland revealed WWE did not think fans would remember Gangrel. “I tried and I just got shut down,” said Copeland. “Every person shut it down. So, this isn’t a knock on WWE, but I’d always get the well nobody remembers. People remember, wrestling fans remember and I think wrestling fans want to be rewarded for remembering. And that’s a way to reward them. That’s what I’ve always felt.” 

The Element Of Surprise

Adam Copeland Gangrel

He then spoke about how Matt Cardona recently returned to AEW for one night only as he accepted the open challenge from Copeland. Cardona earned a nice pop, despite not winning. Overall, it was great moment because those two have history dating back 15 years ago in WWE. As for Christian, he was already heading to AEW.

For those who do not recall, The Brood was a faction during the hight of the Attitude Era. The three would enter in the dark and were know for their BloodBaths, which saw someone covered in rain paint to represent blood. They were never featured like top stars, but fans dug the group. Copland and Christian would eventually become world champions in WWE. As for Gangrel, he remains busy on the Indy circuit and even made a few appearances for AEW. So, should Adam Copeland (aka Edge) and Gangrel have been reunited on WWE TV? And, since they were not, will AEW pull the trigger?

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