3 WrestleMania 41 Dream Matches We Want In Las Vegas (No, Not Cody Rhodes Vs. The Rock)

Now that WWE has confirmed the event, here are 3 WrestleMania 41 dream matches we want in Las Vegas (no, not Cody Rhodes vs The Rock)

WrestleMania 41 dream matches
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Now that WWE has confirmed the event, here are 3 WrestleMania 41 dream matches we want in Las Vegas (no, not Cody Rhodes vs The Rock).

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I say not Rhodes/Rock because that seems to be a foregone conclusion. Whether it happens with a title on the line remains to be seen. After all, there is that ever-pesky “card subject to change” caveat. We know injuries happen and plans change, so we shall see. But there’s been enough buzz about that that it just isn’t a dream match for me. Not for this list anyways. So what are?

First and foremost, I do hope for a dream stage. WrestleMania 40 was better than I initially thought, but I was hoping for an actual physical Liberty Bell shaped screen. I know, I am crazy. But being in Las Vegas, can we get a gigantic slot machine video wall? I don’t ask for much…

Now, the WrestleMania 41 dream matches!

Charlotte Flair Versus Tiffany Stratton

I already said I was crazy, but hear me out. It’s Tiffy Time, we’ve known that for a while. Stratton is the next big thing in the women’s division (not named Jade Cargill). Flair is the GOAT, or one of them. This one will have gold on the line, as I expect Charlotte to win a title between now and Las Vegas. Having Flair defend against-and ultimately lose to-Stratton will do one thing. It will further establish that it is indeed Tiffy Time. It will also mean Flair is that much closer to breaking her father’s title reign record.

WrestleMania 41 dream matches
Credit: wwe

Roman Reigns Versus The Rock

Leading up to WrestleMania 40? I had no interest in a Rock/Reigns tilt if it came at the expense of Cody Rhodes. For one, The Rock does not need another title run. For another, a match as big as The People’s Champion versus The Head of the Table? That doesn’t need an ounce of title gold on the line. To me, that is bigger than any championship.

Based on how things seem to be heading, this one seems more plausible than a Rock/Rhodes bout. Think about it. Solo Sikoa has hijacked The Bloodline, and he’s booted Jimmy Uso. He has Paul Heyman hostage and replaced Reigns and Uso with Tama Tonga and Tanga Loa (and, we suspect, more are inbound). It sure seems like we may see that Sikoa is either operating on his own, or operating with The Rock whispering in his ear.

If, as we all assume, it’s Rock in the dark? That sets up a massive Bloodline feud that will do big business. Bloodline versus Bloodline at WarGames? Yes please. But that could then set up the final match for the Final Boss. Reigns, Rock, Las Vegas. Winner controls The Bloodline. I mean, I know I’d be in.

Seth Rollins Versus CM Punk Versus Drew McIntyre

I was torn where to go with my third. Something with Uncle Howdy? Or LA Knight? But then I remembered, some key names have gotten overlooked. Rollins was the unsung Superstar for the entire weekend of WrestleMania. He worked both nights, in the ring, doing crazy things on a knee with a torn meniscus. Two matches plus a run-in on one leg? Stud. CM Punk made the most of WrestleMania, even though he did not get his dream of a main event. Rollins versus Punk was definitely lined up as one of our main events, but it did not happen.

WrestleMania 41 dream matches
Credit: wwe

But Punk screwed McIntyre out of his gold. Poor Drew only had a five minute reign. Now Rollins has re-signed, but is recovering from surgery. Punk is closer to a return, already poking fun at Drew more and more.

So why not put the title on one of the three, and give us a triple threat for the gold? Or, could you imagine a tie win at next year’s Rumble? Two men, both hit at the same time? Rather than giving each a title shot, the decision is they are in a title match together. I am sure WWE writers would get us there, and I think this one could do amazingly well.

We have just about 11.5 months to go until the biggest weekend for WWE, but there are 3 WrestleMania 41 dream matches I would love to see in Las Vegas.

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