Could Erick Rowan Be Returning To WWE Soon?

We already know that Bo Dallas, in some form or fashion, is coming back, but could Erick Rowan be returning to WWE soon?

Erick Rowan Returning wwe
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We already know that Bo Dallas, in some form or fashion, is coming back, but could Erick Rowan be returning to WWE soon?

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We met Erick Rowan as he was part of the original Wyatt Family. He had a nice run with the company, but eventually found his way out of WWE. When Bray Wyatt made his big return to WWE a couple years ago, there were whispers that there might be plans for a Wyatt 6. And, quite possibly, a return for Erick Rowan. Unfortunately, Bray Wyatt passed away last summer. With that, any plans of a Wyatt 6 died too, right?

Maybe. Maybe not. There were rumblings after Wyatt’s passing that WWE was considering numerous options to move forward with some of his creative ideas, but in a respectful way. But in recent months, things got quiet. Until very recently.

Erick Rowan Returning WWE

What could be coming?

Just a couple weeks ago, WWE released the Bray Wyatt documentary. In it, the company gave us at least one clue, but maybe more. At the end of the special, there was an Uncle Howdy appearance, which we’ve learned was done to foreshadow the return of Bo Dallas-something we’ve seen teased more in recent shows. We also saw Erick Rowan on camera, which was the first time since the Wyatt memorial shows.

And now this. According to PWInsider, Erick Rowan has had to cancel a number of upcoming independent bookings due to contractual obligations. Adding more fuel to that fire? Rowan was recently in Pittsburgh, which has meaning for two big reasons. For starters, we know that’s where the magical masks for The Fiend, Uncle Howdy and Wyatt’s epic return got made. For another, it’s also where WWE sends talent for medical clearances.

It could be nothing, or it could be everything. With Bo Dallas nearing a return in some shape or form, could Rowan be riding shotgun? Better still, could we see WWE moving forward with a Wyatt 6 faction after all, in honor of the late Bray Wyatt? With the Uncle Howdy teasers happening more and more, stay tuned.

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