Bo Dallas WWE Return Strongly Hinted In New Bray Wyatt Documentary

His absence has not gone unnoticed, but now a Bo Dallas WWE return has strongly been hinted in the new Bray Wyatt documentary.

Bo Dallas WWE Return
Credit: WWE

His absence has not gone unnoticed, but now a Bo Dallas WWE return has strongly been hinted in the new Bray Wyatt documentary.

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The WWE-produced documentary was released on April 1st. “Bray Wyatt:Becoming Immortal” is available on Peacock. The project involved many current and past WWE Superstars reflecting on the late Bray Wyatt’s legacy. Wyatt had only returned to WWE months prior to his untimely passing. Fans were only able to enjoy one more match from Wyatt, pitting him against LA Knight in a Pitch Black match.

Wyatt passed away in August of 2023, not long after fans were hearing he would be returning to the ring soon. Initial fears were that, following his momentous return, a certain someone might have tanked creative decisions. The late Superstar had been penciled in for a big WrestleMania match, only for those plans to be quietly scrapped. As more details emerged, we came to understand that what he had been dealing with was a rather significant health issue.

Bo Dallas WWE Return
source: WWE

What about Bo?

In the midst of all that? Uncle Howdy, who had appeared shortly after Wyatt returned. It was speculated, and ultimately confirmed, that the man behind the mask was Bo Dallas-Bray’s real-life brother. Following Wyatt’s death, it was unknown what, if anything, would come of Uncle Howdy or of Bo Dallas. Now, we might have a reason to get excited.

There is a Wyatt-esque teaser during the closing credits. We see a shadowy figure and the familiar lantern, and you are told to run. According to Fightful, this is a very deliberate message alluding to the eventual return of Bo Dallas. Timing is unclear, but we had heard even last year that there were talks of a Wyatt Family continuation even without Bray, due to the creative plans that had been cooked up.

Understandably, WWE did not want to rush Bo Dallas back given what had happened. The same thinking applied to the delayed Wyatt Hall of Fame induction. Now that he has had time to grieve, it seems that he may be ready to return.

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