Update On Bray Wyatt’s WWE Hall Of Fame Induction

As the Class of 2024 appears to be just about fully announced, we have an update on Bray Wyatt's WWE Hall of Fame induction.

Bray Wyatt WWE Hall Of Fame
Credit: WWE

As the Class of 2024 appears to be just about fully announced, we have an update on Bray Wyatt’s WWE Hall of Fame induction.

No need to refresh or adjust your dial, the man who portrayed The Fiend has not yet been announced for the 2024 class. Following his shocking death last summer, many fans expected that the company would provide Wyatt with enshrinement as one final honor. So much so that many figured he would be inducted during the ceremony in Philadelphia ahead of WrestleMania 40. As things stand right now, the class is set to be headlined by Paul Heyman, fitting considering his ties to ECW and the City of Brotherly Love.

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Bray’s father and uncle are being inducted for their tag team efforts as parts of the U.S. Express. But there will be no Bray induction this year. At least, that is how things currently stand, barring a very last minute adjustment to plans.

Update On Bray Wyatt’s WWE Hall Of Fame Induction

The removal from the 2024 class comes from the Wrestling Observer. They allegedly confirm that Wyatt was on the list at one poin. Thus far, no explanation for removal has been given. On one hand, with father Mike Rotunda going in alongside uncle Barry Windham, perhaps fans saw that as a hint that a bigger Rotunda was going in as well.

Bray Wyatt WWE Hall of Fame
Source: WWE

As the rest of the announcements came and went, we had no news about Bray. To be honest, I think delaying this makes sense, for a few reasons. First and foremost, as cool as father and son going in in the same class could be….it hits different when the son has passed. Like, Mike will be getting his own honor. If it was something where Wyatt was still alive, maybe. But as it is, putting both on the same class stage? I worry it would wrongly overshadow the induction of the U.S. Express.

For another point, I do wonder if WWE officials like Triple H have had conversations with the Windham family. Perhaps the family is not yet able to endure the ceremony? That is entirely possible considering it’s been less than a year. Of course, Wyatt will be going in because of how popular he was, in spite of an abbreviated career. But he is worthy and will surely be inducted soon enough. While I think there would be something poetic about inducting him in the same arena where he made his awesome WWE return in 2022…whenever and wherever it happens it will be must-see.

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