Bray Wyatt
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The death of Bray Wyatt has rocked the wrestling world, leaving many within the industry, as well as fans, shocked and saddened. A new report offers added details about Bray Wyatt’s passing.

Information Surrounding Bray Wyatt At The Time Of His Death

According to TMZ, the WWE superstar had some heart complications in the weeks and months leading up to his passing. In fact, as per the report, he did not have his doctor-recommended heart defibrillator with him when his body was found.

According to the law enforcement records TMZ obtained, the wrestling icon, whose real name is Wyndham Rotunda, told his girlfriend JoJo Offerman (girlfriend and the mother of his two youngest children) that he was taking a nap that Thursday. She was worried when his alarm went off an hour later, without stopping.

The TMZ report states that Rotunda was found in his bed not breathing and turning blue. JoJo called 911, and her mom tried CPR. Sadly, he was declared dead once he arrived at the hospital.

Bray Wyatt
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The police spoke with Wyndam’s family who mentioned he had COVID earlier this year in March, developing heart complications. This caused him to have a “weak lower part” of his heart.

A week prior to his passing, the wrestling star landed in the hospital for a heart problem. He also had a follow-up doctor’s visit on the morning of his death and was told to wear his external heart defibrillator, a device used to help people who experience sudden cardiac arrest.

Bray Wyatt
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It’s not clear if the defibrillator would have saved Wyndam’s life. Still, the police report outlines he did not have this on at the time of his passing.

It was found inside his car, parked outside in the driveway. Rotunda passed away at the age of 36, leaving behind three young daughters and one son.