Former WWE Champion Alberto Del Rio Is In Low Demand

Former WWE champion Alberto Del Rio is so toxic, he is in such low demand as he's working with basically no crowds.

Alberto Del Rio Low
source: @justtalkwrestle, twitter, screenshot

Given his level of talent, it is shocking that one former WWE champion is in low demand.

Like, exceedingly low demand.

Alberto Patron, also known as Alberto Del Rio, certainly has baggage outside of the squared circle.

Those issues may have happened years ago, and you might like to think they are in his past…but it certainly seems like promoters have not forgotten.

While he isn’t young, at 46 he also isn’t out of place in the ring yet.

Former WWE Champion
source: @justtalkwrestle, twitter, screenshot

And yet, as we saw via a clip being widely shared, the former WWE champion is in such low demand that he was seen working a high school gym.

A mostly empty gym at that.

Former WWE Champion Alberto Del Rio Is In Low Demand

Now, my first thought? Sometimes a talent needs to reinvent themselves.

And sometimes, there is no better way to do that, than by going to the lowest level independents you can.

I say this having seen it a time or two.

As big as ECW got, its home arena was a bingo hall. The company ran shows wherever it could.

I once saw Chris Jericho and Sabu at a rec center in suburban Philadelphia.

And many ECW fans remember seeing a discarded talent like Cactus Jack or Steve Austin go there after WCW.

They rebooted and went on to massive success in WWE.

Alberto Del Rio Low
source: @Makemoneyhere23, twitter, screenshot

So, I am not saying that this is Del Rio’s plan. But, just because he’s back working small, half empty venues, doesn’t mean he’s cooked.

If someone decides to give him one more chance…that could be all it takes.

WWE, specifically, has show a willingness to give new chances. Not even discussing the massive example of CM Punk, we have other recent ones too.

Like Carlito, for example.

If there is money to be made, and it makes sense, nothing would shock me.

And the Royal Rumble is approaching…a time when surprise entrants and returns are a big component.

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