Will Roman Reigns Miss Another Big Event?

Something we've asked way too often...will Roman Reigns miss another big event?

Roman Reigns Miss Another
source: @eliteclubS0B, twitter, screenshot

Something we’ve asked way too often…will Roman Reigns miss another big event?

With the 2023 premium live event slate nearly completed, we know that the Tribal Chief is not expected to be in Chicago.

He could be an unannounced surprise...but it would be odd to not announce that.

Fans wanting to see the champion more often are probably not going to be happy in 2024 either, unless or until Reigns’ historic streak comes to an end.

Roman Reigns Miss Another
source: @eliteclubS0B, twitter, screenshot

After all, we’ve seen other champions within WWE remark at how they’ve been champs for a fraction of the time as Roman, and yet they’ve defended their belts more.

And yet there will be those that argue that the rarity of both the Head of the Table’s appearances, and the scarcity of his title defenses, makes both mean that much more.

Like a boxing champion, who might only defend his or her belt a couple times in a year.

The 2024 schedule hasn’t been locked in, though it seems likely to expect Reigns at the Royal Rumble given it’s significance.

And unless something completely stunning happens between now and then, he’s a lock for WrestleMania.


Will Roman Reigns Miss Another Big Event?

WWE have added three new international events in 2024.

The first big overseas event is Elimination Chamber, for which we will all head to Australia (Or, just tune in on Peacock, because flights to Oz are pricey).

Since that event was announced, we’ve seen two more. Bash In Berlin slots in after SummerSlam, and most recently Backlash will be in France before things heat up for the summer.

With ticket sales for the Bash in Berlin opening soon, the posters are out, and some are wondering if Roman Reigns will miss it.

Reason being, one of the company’s biggest draws and biggest stories is nowhere to be found on event signage thus far.

Roman Reigns
source: @wrestlelamia, twitter, screenshot

There’s plenty of time between now and then for things to change, but it seems curious that, as tickets are just about to go on sale, one of the faces of the company is missing from promotional materials.

Then again, some on the posters right now have contracts that as far as we know today, expire before the end of August.

It might means something…or it could mean nothing.

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