Does Randy Orton’s Return Squash Our CM Punk Dreams?

After the conclusion of the November 20th RAW...does Randy Orton's return squash our CM Punk dreams?

Randy Orton's Return
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After the conclusion of the November 20th RAW…does Randy Orton’s return squash our CM Punk dreams?

That is, if you are a fan who was wishing or hoping that Punk, formerly of AEW, might be making his way back to WWE.

Ever since Punk found himself fired, and fans put two and two together to realize that whatever non-compete he might have could expire in time for WWE’s 2023 edition of Survivor Series…the rumors have been rampant.

We’ve heard that CM Punk wants to come back to the company…and we’ve also heard that they have no plans to bring him in right now.

And yet, ever since he’s been cut loose, fans have been latching on to a plethora of Easter eggs on both RAW and SmackDown, from a variety of talents, that have detective fans believing these are all pointing to a Punk return on Saturday.

So strong have been the beliefs in the rumors that once it was clear the babyface team would need a fifth, many expected a Punk reveal.

There was so much traction with those rumors that WWE is said to have revealed Orton as the fifth member on RAW in order to avoid issues on Saturday in Chicago.

Of course, Orton was only announced, and there was plenty of excitement, but his physical return happens on Saturday.


Randy Orton's Return
source: @prowfinesse, twitter, screenshot

Does Randy Orton’s Return Squash Our CM Punk Dreams?

We’ve seen some social media sources swear up and down that CM Punk is still showing up at Survivor Series.

Others, like Fightful, have reiterated that their well-placed WWE sources maintain that at this point, while the fences have been mended, there are no plans to have Punk join WWE anytime soon.

And yet…the rumors persist, and fans won’t let them die.

Even if Punk doesn’t come out on Saturday, those rumors won’t go away. But does the Orton announcement really change Saturday?

Some have pointed out that getting Orton’s return out of the way now saves the Saturday stage for a potentially bigger reveal from the Windy City.

I could buy that, I suppose.

Perhaps the most burning reason people still expect him? Shinsuke Nakamura’s on-going and exceedingly cryptic promos. He’s calling out someone, and many expect it to be CM Punk.

Or, perhaps it will just be Sheamus?

But a Nakamura open challege on Saturday? If that comes to be, then we can bet that it’s on…and if it happens and it ISN’T CM Punk? Things could get quite dicey.

So what do I think?

Honestly, especially with TKO driving things and letting Triple H work…if key Superstars were on board with it, I’d bet we see CM Punk come back.

And re-watching Nakamura over the past couple months, there’s just so many nods to Punk for it to not be him.

People might argue that the G2S is done by others, and it’s a move Punk stole. Those who want to believe, however, will have seen it as a veiled shot by the King of Strong Style toward the Second City Saint.

Randy Orton's Return
source: @eliteclubs0b, twitter, screenshot

A Punk return at Survivor Series just makes too much sense. Not that WWE couldn’t have him return to the company on any other show and in any other city…but this time, it’s just as though the stars have aligned.

At the same time, surely WWE leadership is mindful of Orton’s long-awaited return.

Specifically, considering as long-tenured as he is with the company, it’s a safe bet WWE will want to give Randy Orton a singular and very bright spotlight that he won’t share.

Could that mean no additional returns or debuts during WarGames? Or is Punk’s return going to be so well executed that it won’t irk the Viper and it won’t diminish Orton’s own monument.

Saturday is getting closer and closer…we don’t have much waiting left to do!

And whatever does or does not happen with Punk…we know we can already ask…who will Orton hit with an RKO first?

Could be someone on Team Judgement Day, but would it shock anyone if he drilled Jey Uso…or even Cody Rhodes?

So the closing question…did WWE reveal Orton so we wouldn’t expect Punk to join the 5 on 5 match….or did WWE reveal Orton so we’d think there was no way we’d get Punk still?

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