With Heath Slater Free…Can 3MB Return?

Simple question...with Heath Slater free...can 3MB return?

Simple question…with Heath Slater free…can 3MB return?

OK, it needs some context, so here it is.

Per Fightful, former WWE Superstar Heath Slater, known as Heath in IMPACT (now TNA again), is a free agent.

Slater had been released by WWE a few years ago, and while he had some modest success in WWE (he has kids!), he didn’t do much after his release.

Of course, in fairness, part of his lack of impact after his WWE run was due to a significant injury and lost time…but regardless, it’s been a largely quiet recent couple of years for the guy.

With Heath Slater Free
source: @werwrestlingg, twitter, screenshot

Per the report, his IMPACT deal has run it’s course, and the wrestler is now accepting independent bookings.

So, I have to ask…

With Heath Slater Free…Can 3MB Return?

Could Slater return to WWE? Anything is possible.

If he would return, could we see a 3MB reunion? After all, for now, Drew McIntyre and Jinder Mahal both are still with the company (for now, at least).

Then again, both of those Superstars, after departing 3MB (and in Drew’s case, the company too for a bit), have since become world champions in WWE.

Still, it would be kind of fun and mildly nostalgic reunion some of us would pop for.

So, with that said, I will just throw this out there.

Slater (real name Heath Miller) is a free agent, and he is accepting bookings.

And we are just a few months away from that wonderful event where we reliably get a few throwbacks or unexpected returns.

With Heath Slater Free
source: @thecovalenttv, twitter, screenshot

How cool would it be to see Slater return during the Rumble?

And that’s when we could possibly get a reunion tease…Slater, Mahal and McIntyre all in the ring at the same time?

The fans would know what to do.

WWE…make this happen in Tampa!

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