Big Superstar Is Set For A Push

With what we'd heard, this isn't unexpected...but a big Superstar is set for a push.

With what we’d heard, this isn’t unexpected…but a big Superstar is set for a push.

An unexpected one at that.

Normally a tag team wrestler, Ivar has recently found himself working singles matches, keeping the feud with the New Day alive, sort of.

Based on how those matches have been received, it seems like we are going to see an actual singles push for the Viking big man.

Big Superstar Is Set For A Push
source: @ivar_wwe, twitter, screenshot

I say big man in the nicest of ways, because in spite of his stature, Ivar is quite comfortable delivering moves usually reserved for more diminutive talents.

Following the earlier rave reviews for his unfamiliar-to-him singles work, WWE appears to be throwing more creative efforts behind Ivar.

Big Superstar Is Set For A Push

On the October 23rd edition of RAW, we saw a somewhat familiar Viking themed set.

After all, we have seen the Viking Raider vignettes before, featuring Erik, Ivar and Valhalla.

However, Erik is now injured and on the shelf for an extended period of time. While little is known about the injury, reports indicate he has had surgery and will miss at least 6 months.

in many cases, if one member of the tag team goes down, WWE shuts the team down.

We don’t have to look far for an example, as it’s what happened with Pretty Deadly.

Big Superstar Is Set For A Push
source: @wrestlelamia, twitter, screenshot

Whatever the motivation was to not do that with Ivar, the company must have high hopes for Ivar as a singles competitor. Giving him a singles viking vignette is a good start.

I can’t predict if he could have a reasonable shot at the Intercontinental Championship, but getting a challenge in for that title would certainly be a big goal.

Considering he has long been one of WWE’s better big men, he now has his own time to shine.

Let’s see how far he can take it.

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