The Viking Raiders Injury News, AEW Tag Team Could Be Split

Viking Raiders Injury News
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Unfortunately, in news, The Viking Raiders are dealing with another injury. Also, an AEW tag team could be split in the near future.

The Viking Raiders Injury News

At the moment, the Varsity Blonds are still a tag team in AEW. Although, they have been featured less in recent months.

In May, the tag team lost their valet, Julia Hart. After months of teasing a change, she joined House of Black.

Since then Brian Pillman Jr. and Griff Garrison have been demoted to mostly Dark. Although, they have a few appearances on Dynamite.

As for Dark, they usually would score the victory against unknown opponents. Dynamite was the opposite, with the two basically being squashed.

While appearing on “Café De René with René Duprée,” Pillman suggested the duo might be done. He did not seem happy Hart was removed from the group.

“As soon as we lost [Julia Hart], we lost our edge and our spark that made us a good babyface group that could’ve gotten over,” said Pillman. “But somebody came in and decided she would be better with [House of Black].” 

“That’s just how it goes. I definitely wasn’t happy with it to be quite honest.” 

“It is what it is. It’s business. I thought probably what really stopped us from seeing the true potential of the Varsity Blondes was that we lost her before we really got going.”

Brian Pillman Jr. Not Happy With The Change

“To have that taken apart was kinda rough for me at that point in my career. But, I’m very happy with how it turned out.” 

“Really happy with the moment that she had at the pay-per-view Very happy with being at AEW in general.” 

“I don’t think that the Varsity Blondes was the fullest creative extension of myself. But I think people will look back on the Varsity Blondes quite fondly actually.”

With Malakai Black being granted a release, the future of the stable is up in question. The Varsity Blonds have been with AEW for a few years and were helpful during the pandemic.

Basically, AEW has too many wrestlers and they are miss using the team. With Pillman’s family history in the business, he should be better booked.

AEW Tag Team Could Be Split

Viking Raiders Injury News

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In pro wrestling, injuries are just part of the job. So, it is not a total shock Erik from The Viking Raiders is injured.

Remember, The Viking Raiders and New Day have been battling for a few weeks now. Somewhere in the feud, Erik suffered an injury.

Michael Cole addressed the issue during SmackDown. He mentioned how the undisclosed injury occurred during their double taping from Detroit.

For now, all we know is that Erik will miss “an indefinite period of time.”

On the main roster, The Viking Raiders have yet to win gold. They have been dealing with injuries and also briefly returned to NXT.

We will continue to monitor the story to see when a return date is discussed.

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