What’s Next For IYO SKY?

After cashing in to become champion, things have been low key for her...so what's next for IYO SKY?

What's Next For IYO SKY
Credit: @iyoskyfan123, twitter, screenshot

After cashing in to become champion, things have been low key for her…so what’s next for IYO SKY?

Now that SummerSlam is behind us and SKY has made use of her briefcase, it is a fair question.

New programs are popping up, while some still linger.

Following her title win, all those tense moments within Damage CTRL seem to be a thing of the past…at least for now.

So what is next for the top female Superstar on SmackDown?

What's Next For IYO SKY
source: @iyoskyfan123, twitter, screenshot

What’s Next For IYO SKY?

Well, according to WrestleTalk., it is less what and more who.

As is often the case when she herself isn’t holding the gold…Charlotte Flair is lurking to challenge IYO SKY for the title.

Shotzi was battling Bayley on a recent SmackDown. Toward the end of the match, Damage CTRL flexed their numbers advantage, but the former champion did a run-in to even things up.

Now, on the September 8th SmackDown, Flair and Shotzi will team up against the two healthy members of Damage CTRL.

Per the report, the near future will see IYO SKY defend her title against Flair.

With the Queen still chasing the record number of titles held by her father and John Cena…another reign may come soon enough.

For now, SKY’s young reign could use a signature defense over one of the greatest women to step into a WWE ring.

I will say this about her reign. While when you watch the show, you know she holds the gold, thus far in her brief time as champion, it has been almost too quiet.

What's Next For IYO SKY
source: @olliedreamsxd, twitter, screenshot

Rhea Ripley is absolutely front and center as the dominant women’s champion across all of the shows, but in that sense it almost feels like SKY needs to get more exposure.

That could just be me, but I do think she should be featured more.

As for those once-seen cracks in her faction? I’d imagine they will eventually resurface, but we have time for that.

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