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Rob Van Dam (RVD) recently offered his opinion on WWE star Brock Lesnar when asked how he felt about the Beast Incarnate ending The Undertaker’s famous WrestleMania streak.

Rob Van Dam Gives His Stamp Of Approval

According to a report, RVD revealed it was “cool” that Brock got to end The Taker’s WM streak, due to the respect he has for Lesnar on a personal level. He notes that he believes the Beast is one of the most outstanding people in the business.

He went on to say that as a UFC Champion and being able to brag about being the “toughest” guy in the world, he’s good for business. RVD also added that Lesnar is what a pro wrestler should be, as a great amateur wrestler who went professional, because he was “so good”.

RVD notes that he was “shocked” that people were so “shocked” Brock broke The Deadman’s WM streak. He wondered if anyone else would’ve been worthy of this accomplishment.

Rob Van
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He states that “why not” Brock and “who else” if Lesnar hadn’t done it. He reveals that he was surprised by the “boys in the locker room” that turned into “kids” when the Beast beat The Phenom at WM 30.

He wondered why they cared so much and couldn’t “believe” their reaction. RVD also praised the WWE for making a good investment by getting Lesnar to return to the company in 2012.

RVD states that Brock has repaid by “putting over” a number of younger talents during his run, including Drew McIntyre, Seth Rollins, and Roman Reigns. Not to mention his recent match with Cody Rhodes that saw the American Nightmare score a win.

Rob Van
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Not only did Cody defeat Brock, but Lesnar later showed him tremendous respect by raising his hand in the middle of the ring during the post-match celebration. Interestingly enough, RVD has scored three wins on Brock over the years, but they all have been DQs.