Joe Gacy
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Joe Gacy has remained one of the standouts in NXT and WWE is apparently talking about promoting him to either RAW or SmackDown.

Joe Gacy Being Discussed For WWE Main Roster Role

The whole point of NXT is to prepare the next batch of wrestlers for the main roster. Basically, if WWE likes what they see, that wrestler finishes-up any angles before being written off the brand.

During the latest WWE Draft, a good number of NXT wrestlers become superstars as they moved to either RAW or SmackDown. Although, there are a few wrestlers who were drafted and have yet to appear on TV.

There are some names WWE could be looking to promote in the near future. Dijak, Ilja Dragunov and Bron Breaker look like they could be headed for greener pastures.

BWE, which has proven to break a bunch of backstage wrestling stories, reveled Joe Gacy could be leaving NXT for the main roster. WWE is currently discussing about calling him up.

The timing does makes sense as the Dyad lost a steel cage match recently and are now banned from NXT. This was likely done as both wrestlers told WWE months ago they were not re-signing when their deals expire at the end of the month.

Joe Gacy
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That leaves the Schism stable with only two member. Gacy is their leader and then there is Ava, who is The Rock’s daughter.

Yes, Gacy seems ready to join the main roster. Although, the same cannot be said for Ava

We have seen Ava wrestle once on TV, and even in a six person tag, you could tell she still needs plenty of work inside the ring. She did secure her first singles win last month during a NXT live event.

Ava could come to the main roster and simply start as a manager. But, there seems to be problems between Joe Gacy and Ava.

Joe Gacy
Source: @RJ2OO, Twitter, Screenshot

So, is it time for Joe Gacy to join RAW or SmackDown? Or, does he need more time in NXT?