Big Plans For Becky Lynch
source: @rhodesjadeera, twitter, screenshot

If the reports are to be believed, there are big plans for Becky Lynch and Tiffany Stratton on the way to us.

For those of us paying attention, we recently saw Stratton on the last RAW of August.

And, WWE made a point to show her off right around the main event…featuring Becky Lynch and Zoey Stark.

As with many things that WWE does…this probably was not by accident.

Big Plans For Becky Lynch
source: @wrestlefeatures, twitter, screenshot

Taking it one step further, Stratton recently took time on NXT to compare herself to the NXT Women’s Champions who’ve come before her.

One issue…she mentioned Lynch as a former champion…except she is not one.

Big Plans For Becky Lynch And Tiffany Stratton

So, again, WWE rarely does things like this on accident.

At Payback, the expected closure point for Lynch and Trish Stratus should happen in a steel cage.

Once that feud concludes, The Man is going to need something to do.

As things are being set up, the current NXT Women’s Champion could be that next something.

With WWE giving us so many big Superstars heading back to NXT…is Becky Lynch the next big name to go back to Orlando?

And if she is, as it seems she might be…could she finally win that elusive NXT gold?

Or, would this be the big opportunity for Stratton to vault onto the main roster?

Honestly, this might seem a bit too soon for the young champion…but when you have it, you have it.

Big Plans For Becky Lynch
source: @rhodesjadeera, twitter, screenshot

And by many accounts, Stratton has it in spades.

With this potentially big feud coming, some fans have already put out an interesting roadmap that gets us to an even bigger match in Philadelphia next April.

With the Lynch/Stratus feud likely concluding in the Steel City on September 2nd, if WWE is going to pull the trigger on a Stratton/Lynch feud…we may see this happen very soon.