Former Superstar's Amazing Transformation
source: @GabbiAlon, twitter, screenshot

It isn’t everyday that someone makes a truly major change, but check out this former Superstar’s amazing transformation.

Years ago, we knew her as Tyler Reks. Reks was at that time a six foot two hulking behemoth, nearly 300 pounds of amazing, muscular physique.

Except, Reks’ physique was a facade, hiding her true self from the world.

She did enjoy some time with WWE, though nothing like sustained success with title reigns and the like.

In 2012, she asked for and was granted her release.

By 2014, her wrestling career was basically over, but she had one massive surprise left for all of us.

Former Superstar's Amazing Transformation
source: @GabbiAlon, twitter, screenshot

In 2021, the former Tyler Reks introduced us to her true self, Gabbi Tuft.

Yes, Tuft came out as a trans female, no easy task.

People were surely stunned by the news, as we could see her as the stereotypical ideal male during her professional wrestling career.

But, as many trans people do, we do what we can to hide and to battle with the idea of being “normal”.

For Tuft, she had enough of battling and hiding.

So now…

Check Out Former Superstar’s Amazing Transformation

Every trans woman has to do their own thing to become their true selves.

Not everyone is losing tremendous muscle mass and breaking out of a major male stereotype.

Tuft herself shared her journey via Insider, and it is nothing short of amazing.

The physical transformation is tremendous, but what is more important and more powerful is how you can see she has found her happiness.

While plenty of people have loudly criticized her or poked fun at her for her decision and the motivation behind it, Tuft did not choose this.

Former Superstar's Amazing Transformation
source: @GabbiAlon, twitter, screenshot

As she had detailed previously, her true self that she has put on display for all to see, is someone she’s known she was since she was 10 years old.

It took her time to embrace herself, but she’s truly made an amazing transformation.