Tyler Reks Transitions Woman

Former WWE superstar Tyler Reks has undergone a major life decision as she transitions into a woman.

Ex WWE Superstar Tyler Reks Transitions Into A Woman, Reaction

If you checked the headlines in the last day, you would notice the name Tyler Reks appearing. The former WWE superstar just went public about transitioning to a female.

Gabe Tuft is now using the first name, Gabbi. The reveal has been teased on social media and will be featured on Extra TV.

While there are wrestlers who have transitioned, Gabbi would be the biggest name. As seen, she is getting plenty of support from his wife of 20 plus years.


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Between 2008 and 2012, Gabbi worked for WWE. After a short run in Florida Championship Wrestling, she was sent to the main roster. 

At the time, there was another brand in WWE’s version of ECW. Not much happened on ECW and nothing changed when she was sent to SmackDown.

Perhaps, Gabbi’s biggest role in WWE was teaming with Curt Hawkins for about a year. So, yea it was not a great run as it lacked any real storyline.

After leaving WWE in the summer of 2012, Gabbi would make one appearance, two years later, for Pro Wrestling Syndicate. That marked the final wrestling match for Gabbi, who switched to a future in fitness.

Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but try not to spread hate. If this makes Gabbi happy, so be it.

We are proud of you being you.

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