Ever Want To Go Backstage With OVW?

Ever Want To Go Backstage With OVW
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Known for producing some of the greatest to ever do it, ever want to go backstage with OVW?

Once the developmental territory for WWE, OVW was the precursor to Florida Championship Wrestling, which turned into what we now know as NXT.

While the company moved on from Ohio Valley Wrestling…the independent promotion didn’t go anywhere, and in fact, is still doing its thing in 2023.

And to prove it?

Netflix worked with OVW, specifically owner and wrestling legend Al Snow, to give fans an unprecedented look backstage.

The series consists of seven hour long episodes and is presented in a unique documentary format.

Personally, I am a fan of these types of shows, where we get a glimpse of what goes on when we aren’t supposed to be watching.

The original WWE Network gave us a lot of that (and it’s often continued now under Peacock). We’ve seen plenty of other offerings, from Dark Side Of The Ring to the A&E offerings.

Ever Want To Go Backstage With OVW
source: @therealalsnow, twitter, screenshot

Now, Netflix and Al Snow provide another, and it’s a can’t miss production.

Ever Want To Go Backstage With OVW?

To be honest, if you are a wrestling fan looking for something to watch, we have a lot of options.

Heels is a fictionalized world, but one which is superbly executed. Plus, all of the other content I’ve already mentioned.

To add Wrestlers to the mix is just an awesome thing.

True, the series is “just” seven hours long, but it sucks you in from the start.

Snow is a legend, not just the frequent butt of a Mick Foley joke.

I had a chance to briefly speak with the man back in the 90’s, when I briefly chased a dream of becoming a professional wrestler. Though it was short, you could sense his passion for the industry.

Ever Want To Go Backstage With OVW
source: @therealalsnow, twitter, screenshot

While his first school is a memory and his mannequin head is collecting dust somewhere, Snow has embraced a new life as a part owner of OVW, still teaching and growing wrestling’s next generation.

Considering that OVW produced such main event Superstars as Brock Lesnar, John Cena, Randy Orton and Batista…that part of Kentucky is practically hallowed ground for wrestling fans.

And now, thanks to a talented filmmaker and access granted by Snow and his trainees…wrestling fans have an amazing and extensive behind the curtain look at an independent promotion.

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