Did CM Punk Telegraph His Next Move?

Here is a hot new question coming out of this weekend...did CM Punk telegraph his next move?

Did CM Punk Telegraph His Next Move
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Here is a hot new question coming out of this weekend…did CM Punk telegraph his next move?

Like, even before he was officially fired?

It’s a bold question, that much is for sure.

I’d argue that the reasoning behind the guess is flimsy, but we’ve seen wrestling fans use less to make bigger leaps.

So, hot on the heels of Tony Khan firing CM Punk on September 2nd…

Did CM Punk Telegraph His Next Move?

And, did he do so as he walked out of Wembley Stadium following what wound up being his final AEW bout.

Here’s the reason for this particular big leap.

Like I said…it is a bit flimsy, maybe. But, could there be something to this?

My gut says no, but social media was running wild anyways.

Many go back to when Punk visited with WWE while they were in Chicago early in 2023 (when he was still suspended and recovering from injury).

Of course, he also visited with the IMPACT locker room around that time too…and there isn’t quite any buzz about Punk showing up there.

It is entirely possible that there were some really stealth back channel discussions where Brooks knew if he became free, WWE would bring him in.

However, while fans do think Punk smoothed things over with Triple H while in Chicago…there’s nothing to support that.

PWInsider did report at the time that the two former Superstars had a very brief interaction backstage, before Punk was ultimately escorted out by security.

If that interaction was indeed one to two minutes, as has been reported, then it’s very unlikely that any hatchets were buried.

Did CM Punk Telegraph His Next Move
source: @aguyconquers, twitter, screenshot

Plus, while many have said bringing Punk back would be a total Vince move…it was intimated that it was Vince McMahon who had CM Punk removed from RAW.

Now, this has been believed to be primarily due to Punk being under contract to Tony Khan at that time…but we have seen other non-WWE talents backstage before with little issue.

Like, Ricky Starks supporting Cody Rhodes.

So, maybe Punk was hinting at where he wants to go….or he was just trolling…or he was, you know, just exiting the ring (as I’d bet he’s used that stance before, not like it’s a Reigns trademark).

Many may think it just proves Punk to WWE is happening…but I think there is a lot of damage to repair before it can happen…if it can happen…and I doubt it needs to happen.

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