CM Punk
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CM Punk made plenty of noise for AEW, but not always positive. Now that he has been fired, it sounds like things were messy with Tony Khan and maybe physical.

Early Reports On AEW’s Investigation Into CM Punk

Following All In, AEW once agin found themselves in a bad situation. Moments before the pay per view portion went live, Jack Perry and CM Punk were involved in a backstage altercation.

There are multiple sides of the story, but we know it involves Perry making a comment about using real glass during a spot. He was taking a shot at Punk, who did want Perry using glass.

Both sides got physical before being separated. The two were suspended and it was revealed Punk was fired Saturday. 

The announcement was confirmed on AEW’s Twitter handle and Khan then told the live Chicago crowd. As expected, Khan was met with tons of boos.

Khan stated he was scared for himself and the safety of everyone else when Punk and Perry went at it. At the time, we were told Punk “lunged” at Khan in Gorilla Position and a bunch of monitors fell.

Well, Dave Meltzer and Bryan Alvarez of Wrestling Observer Radio went into more details. Meltzer was the one who used the word “lunged,” but he changing his tune.

CM Punk
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He went over how the internal investigation involved “a lot” of wrestlers and they were asking questions about any changes AEW has undergone in the past year. No names were provided on who at AEW spoke to the disciplinary committee.

Meltzer continued how “so much more to it that hasn’t come out” and “if you saw the actual wording of what was said, lunging, I was toning it down. It was more than lunging.”

CM Punk
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As of now, no word if Perry will be further punished by AEW. Punk was set for All Out, but he was replaced by a returning Bryan Danielson.

When Punk arrived to AEW, people were excited. Then, after the brawl last year and whatever took place at All In, they seemed to lose interest.

CM Punk
Source: @WrestleOps, Twitter, Screenshot

So, will CM Punk try to sue AEW, rejoin WWE or simply leave the business?