D-Von Dudley
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During a recent interview, D-Von Dudley talked about racism in wrestling and how a “prominent” WWE figure didn’t like him because he was black.

D-Von Dudley Discusses Racism In WWE

During a chat with Good Karma Wrestling, the former WWE star and producer recently discussed racism in wrestling and the WWE. He notes he remembers going into “certain” locker rooms where “certain” people didn’t care if it was revealed how they treated you.

He goes on to say a prominent WWE figure in the “office” basically told him he didn’t like him because he was black. He told him this on two separate occasions.

In fact, the WWE Hall of Famer, notes that the first time this “prominent” figure told him this, Bubba Ray was there. The second, Bubba was there, along with Spike Dudley, Tommy Dreamer, and Paul Heyman.

He goes on to note that “to this day” he has no respect for this WWE figure. He says he’s not going to “put him on blast” now, but he doesn’t care for him and just stayed away from him.

D-Von Dudley
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He states that “we have come a long way”, and he doesn’t want to sit here and “cry” over something that happened a decade ago. He just moved on and made the best of it.

He also notes that looking at his career, he has nothing to be sad or remorseful about. He adds that he and Bubba Ray became the greatest tag team of their era.

The tag team’s first run with the WWE lasted from 1999 to 2005. They would return to the company from 2015 to 2016.

D-Von Dudley
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After that, he became a backstage producer for the company. He just recently announced his departure from the promotion in January of this year.

Over the years, he and Bubba Ray were WWE Tag Champions 9 times, also holding the ECW Tag Titles once. The two were inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2018.