Bryan Danielson Slowing Things Down
source: @wrestlepurists, twitter, screenshot

This may be a bummer, but expect Bryan Danielson slowing things down soon.

That is not speculation, of course. This bit of news comes from the American Dragon himself.

On a recent episode of Collision, Danielson explained that he made a promise to his daughter who is now 6, that when she turns 7…he’d be shutting things in the ring down.

In case you don’t wish to do math, that is less than a year remaining.

But, to that point, if we look back at Danielson’s time with AEW, maybe he’s already been preparing us for that?

After all, we are nine months into 2023, and he has barely worked more than a match per month. Some of that was surely impacted by the injury over the summer, but when you have talents working 11 matches in a month…11 in a year is slow.

As Wrestling Inc shared, this may be all part of a bigger plan from AEW, and like it or not, it’s a wrestling tale as old as time.

Bryan Danielson Slowing Things Down
source: @wrestlepurists, twitter, screenshot

Bryan Danielson Slowing Things Down

Specifically, there may be an effort to limit his in-ring appearances and present the American Dragon as more of a special attraction talent at this phase of his career.

Much like current day WWE does with guys like Edge or Brock Lesnar, and used to do more recently with someone like Goldberg (these three are not exactly the same, but all can be deemed special attractions).

AEW has a few in house already that could be seen as such, like Sting, so what’s one more?

Now, what is worth calling out though, is if we take Danielson at his word, he wants to be home more, and at the arena less.

This could be a challenge considering how Tony Khan feels about Bryan.

Specifically, if Khan can’t do it, he’d want Danielson taking charge of the creative side for AEW.

While that doesn’t require you to bump each and every week, more often than not, you’d be traveling for each show or many of them.

Bryan Danielson Slowing Things Down
source: @superfanaew, twitter, screenshot

Basically…as much or more travel than he’s already doing, unless they come to some arrangement.

Fans already thought they saw the last of his in-ring work once…but it seems we are winding it down once again.