Big Return During Superstar Spectacle
source: @mohanorton25, twitter, screenshot

WWE ran a major show in India, and there was a big return during Superstar Spectacle.

Or, really…a Great big return.

As in the very big, very tall Great Khali.

His return was an obvious move, considering he was one of the first major Indian WWE Superstars, and he’s used that platform to move into mainstream movies.

So, with his former day job in town for a significant show, why not have the legend make a surprise return and pop the crowd?

After all, having surprise cameos at major events is a WWE staple.

And, this was only a one-off cameo, right?

Maybe…maybe not.

Big Return During Superstar Spectacle
source: @mohanorton25, twitter, screenshot

Big Return During Superstar Spectacle

Khali hit the ring, and he had something notable to say to the crowd.

Now, it is easy for any Superstar, no matter how far removed from in-ring action, to come out and fire up a crowd by saying they have one more match in them.

It is, of course, another thing entirely to actually do that.

And with respect to the giant of a Superstar…his height and wear and tear on his substantial frame have taken a toll.

I mean, it wasn’t like he moved around like a gazelle before…5 years removed from his last WWE match, surely he’s moving even less nicely.

Still, if he really wants one more match…and if someone in WWE is inclined to grant that wish…perhaps the company just runs back his last appearance for them.

That, in case you forgot, was at 2018’s Greatest Royal Rumble.

A Rumble format would be one of the easier things to put him in. Limited talents can be protected, all while enjoying the pop of the crowd and giving the fans one more moment.

With another Royal Rumble just a few months away, could we see Khali then?

Big Return During Superstar Spectacle
source: @wrestleops, twitter, screenshot

Maybe. While recent special appearances and returns have been more limited than in previous matches, there are always a handful of special moments.

Not often you would get to see men the size of Khali and say, Omos…stare each other down.