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WWE star Edge conducted a video interview with Entertainment Tonight (ET) Canada’s Carlos Bustamante recently, ahead of his “25th Anniversary” match happening this Friday, August 18th, and talked about “retirement” rumors. More on this, below.

Is The WWE Star Wrestling His Last Match?

This week’s SmackDown is being touted as Edge’s 25-year anniversary celebration with the WWE. As the Hall of Famer made comments in a 2022 interview stating his in-ring career was winding down and he wanted to have his final match in his hometown of Toronto, many fans are wondering if this bout will be his last.

After all, the Blue brand is performing live in Toronto, and the date does pinpoint the same timeframe Edge was hinting at retiring, 12 months ago. The superstar recently had a video interview with ET Canada and was asked if this Friday will be his “last match”.

Edge notes, with a laugh, that the answer he’s going to give isn’t the one people want. He replies saying, he “truly” doesn’t know.

He adds that it’s “strange” for him (not to know), but he doesn’t. He does reveal something interesting, though.

WWE Star
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His Last Match In His Current WWE Deal

Edge does offer fans some sort of insight. During his ET Canada interview, he says that this Friday Night SmackDown match is the last in his current contract with the company.

He adds that he probably won’t know if this is his “last wrestling match ever” until he hits the locker room after the bout and decompresses. He notes that he needs to let out all the tension and anxiety that he never had before to perform, but he has now.

WWE Star
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He reveals he’ll be 50 in October and it’s not as easy as it used to be. He states he used to take for granted what he was able to do, but now there is a “process” and “fallout”.

Edge ends the video noting working for the company is a “dream gig”. However, he also adds that it’s getting hard.

Will this Friday be Rated-R’s last match? Only time will tell.