When Will A Former Champion Return
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It was kind of looking like the title was a curse for a bit there, so when will a former champion return?

OK, before I confuse you too much…

In this instance, the cursed title would be that of the AEW Women’s Champion.

It seemed to me that in short order, we’ve seen a few top AEW women hold the title…only to then have to relinquish it due to injury.

We can say that about Thunder Rosa. It can be said about Jamie Hayter and Toni Storm, too.

In this specific case, when will we see Hayter again?

When Will A Former Champion Return
source: @superfanaew, twitter, screenshot

It is a big question, especially considering how long fans have waited to see Rosa return from her own issues.

We have the question…

When Will A Former Champion Return?

So what is the answer?

According to the Wrestling Observer, Hayter may not be seen in an AEW ring, on an AEW television program, until February of 2024 at the earliest.

And even then, it didn’t come across as a strong likelihood. More like an absolute best case scenario.

Last seen at Double or Nothing, she’s been on the mend after sustaining a few different injuries, most notably to her shoulder.

At one point, the big wish or hope was to have Hayter back in action in her home country for All In.

That will not happen, and based on the report, it was probably never more than a pipe dream.

For the former champion, the injury time off couldn’t have come at a worse time.

Forgetting the chance to work a big match in Wembley, Hayter was enjoying her best run in AEW, only to see it come apart due to injuries.

But, injuries are an unfortunate fact of life as a professional wrestler, and we’ve seen them change plans many times over…and we will again and again.

When Will A Former Champion Return
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They are a big reason for the not-so-fine print on wrestling show posters : “Card Subject To Change”.